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  1. Javascript 【Foxy's】Profiles Menu

    I think something broke with this extension in an update, the arrows that are meant to change the selection don't work do anything, neither does the thing to exit out of the menu.
  2. Changing Scenes With Scripts?

    So I'm trying to script a thing where if you press F2 it pulls up a custom scene-based ui and I'm a bit stuck. I've figured out that SceneManager.switchTo(new vn.Object_Scene()) will take the game to the start scene but I don't know how to go from there to the scene i actually want it to go to.

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I was thinking about how funny it'd be if there was an 80's action movie parody based off of RPG Maker starring a protagonist called Sergeant John RPGMaker.
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Short cutscene test. Didn't add the dialogues yet because I wanted to make sure this animation idea worked.

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