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  1. I seriously NEED help with battles

    Hello! No need to worry anymore, it has been fixed (not sure how but I think I did something) Thank you so much for helping me!
  2. I seriously NEED help with battles

    It hasn't got deleted, I did mention that I reset every script back to what it was, and I even made another project that had the default scripts, every single battle test in that project worked except the project that I am working on. This is also the reason it is annoying me so much, because...
  3. I seriously NEED help with battles

    Hello, I keep getting this problem whenever I am trying to do Battle Test or even just run it in play test. A message keeps popping up saying these exact words Script 'Scene_Battle' line 243: NameError occurred. uninitialized constant Scene_Battle::Window_BattleSkill I've literally tried...
  4. How to make your game more zoomed in

    Is it okay if you help me with how I add to my game? I'm not really really good with scripts, I only know a few ruby scripts but that is it. Thanks in advance.
  5. How to make your game more zoomed in

    Hello, I wanted to know how I can make my game more zoomed in than it is, it is too far away from the player, you can barely see any of his features, I've made a custom characters that i've drawn by myself and I was wondering on how I can make my game more zoomed so you can see the character...
  6. Problem with tiles

    Thank you so much for your help, I really appreciate it! <3
  7. Problem with tiles

    The top left tile is a star, and I haven't changed the move route, do you have anymore things I can do? If not, thank you for at least trying to help.
  8. Problem with tiles

    The stone bricks on this picture shows as X (AKA Impassable) but once I test it and walk over it, it becomes passable as if it was the floor, can anyone help me fix this problem? Thanks in advance!

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