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  1. Titris Thrawns

    Ouch. Family sickness left and right really threw me for a loop. Here's hoping I can get back...

    Ouch. Family sickness left and right really threw me for a loop. Here's hoping I can get back into the swing of things!
  2. Titris Thrawns

    RPG Maker MV Community Character Submissions

    1.Faceset 2. 3. Default Line: On-duty: "Hall Pass?", "...", & "Yes this checks out. As you were." Off-duty: "Maybe we shouldn't be quick to use sweeping generalizations and explore why someone would feel that way." & a probably caustic sarcasm remark "The magnitude of his copious assertion...
  3. Titris Thrawns

    Daily Events

    Is that like an Ant-anti-idle kind of quest? :guffaw: Depending on the length of the day, dailies could be a fun procedural resource pinata or rob time from moving the story along. Rune Factory 4 had daily requests that worked like that. Might & Magic had a bounty system (Kill X creature within...
  4. Titris Thrawns

    [Closed] MV Community School NPC Workshop!

    Behaviours: Regular sprite sheet & Arms crossed. Arms crossed similar to second reference pics, if possible :). Faceset Style: MV Generator Expressions: Serious, Serious with raised eyebrow; super serious and an Extra dash of Spock.. er serious? (First two and I'll be grateful and exceptionally...
  5. Titris Thrawns

    Announcing: The RPG Maker MV School Community Project

    @Aoi Ninami Thanks for asking the question I didn't think to! I was scuffing my feet forlornly and thinking my backwards VX Ace self would have to take a pass on the event. *Runs off of to the downloads section*
  6. Titris Thrawns

    RMVXA Fallen of Eden

    @hiddenone Thank you for giving it a run through! FoE Updates: Version 0.85 uploaded/available. ~Score tracking added. Score given at epilogue. ~NG+ should be functional, still running stress tests and creating a twist if player decides to smite all the higher powers. ~Equipment, skill and...
  7. Titris Thrawns

    The Book of Shadows (Released 9.12.19)

    Apologies for my belated upload of screenshots. I edited my feedback post and hid them there. And here is what I looked like at completion!
  8. Titris Thrawns

    Question about card minigames

    Not a lawyer here, but I did a quick google search of "are card game rules protected?" and started reading. Based on skimming one blog about a lawsuit; sounds like "Copyright law can be effective in protecting the expression in a game (artwork, appearance), but does not protect rules and game...
  9. Titris Thrawns

    A exploration rpg with farming + townbuilding elements.

    I fifth(or is it sixth?) the Suikoden sentiments and inspirations. It wraps exploration, recruiting and world-building into a nice package for my tastes. The townbuilding, with resource collection and farming/gathering & NPC relationships, conjures the mechanics of Harvest Moon/Rune Factory (or...
  10. Titris Thrawns

    Totality eclipse: Check. Camping trip: Check. Okay. I guess it's time to get back to being...

    Totality eclipse: Check. Camping trip: Check. Okay. I guess it's time to get back to being productive.
  11. Titris Thrawns

    So the emoji movie came out

    I was interested in watching the movie for a hot second because I heard Patrick Stewart was in it. Then I heard what role he played. Oh well.
  12. Titris Thrawns

    The Book of Shadows (Released 9.12.19)

    If I recall, it was 12 with Alex and 10/11 with everyone else? I took a screenshot of my 'end demo save screen' to submit with my feedback, I'll make sure to update this/add it to my above post when I get the chance.
  13. Titris Thrawns

    The Book of Shadows (Released 9.12.19)

    I got a chance to start playing the 1.4.1||8-2 demo version and instead of taking a 30-45 minute play test break as I had planned, I got sucked into your game world and finished the demo. Fun was had and I wrote an absurd amount of varied notes. I hope a few are useful! Poor scalps... I...
  14. Titris Thrawns

    RMMV *Ulfar: Dreams*

    I got a chance to play through chapter 2. After the long boss fight, chapter 3 started but the game crashed. I believe the error was due to a missing file. I second @hiddenone 's sentiment that Ulfar: Dreams does not feel complete. The game is rough in story, graphic bugs and mechanical...
  15. Titris Thrawns

    August Goals and Progress Thread

    @hiddenone Good idea. I've been thinking of chunk scheduling my playtest time into 30 minutes blocks and sprinkling them in when I need a break from my main project. The few play tests I've done thus far have ranged between 30min to ~5-6 hours for me to complete while taking notes. I need to...
  16. Titris Thrawns

    'Collectathon' JRPG Design?

    To add to the gather the crystal shards idea put forward, you could have certain weapons/abilities unlock after collecting X amount of the main collectible. That way you have a bit of control over the when/where/what of the player learning Mario's flying hat jump, Link's rock removing power...
  17. Titris Thrawns

    Note to Self: Find ways to Thank and otherwise counter-act the barrage of entitlement that...

    Note to Self: Find ways to Thank and otherwise counter-act the barrage of entitlement that brings down altruistic artists. I'll dig through some restaff stuff I have for VX Ace, use it in my next project and see what happens.
  18. Titris Thrawns

    What makes a game cringy?

    @onipunk I agree with you and Kes. To add to your subversion & research suggestion, it would be nice to see the character grow thanks to the unending patience the fellow party members must have to put-up with the edgelord. I feel the hidden rule of OP edgelords is they 'do the right thing', so...
  19. Titris Thrawns

    August Goals and Progress Thread

    @Marquise* I hope that vicious cold has cleared out! I was struck by an intense bout of ennui Thursday which crippled my productivity. I rallied Friday and got some work done thanks to the outline I made! @Schlangan Thank for the advice! When I originally started setting goals/deadlines I ran...
  20. Titris Thrawns

    August Goals and Progress Thread

    @Marquise* Whoa! I did no notice the Ramboknife on the tail. Now I'm torn between comforting the dragon and finding out if I can train/convince it to defend my house. Doohickey: a small object or gadget, especially one whose name the speaker does not know or cannot recall. I had to google that...

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