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  1. psipumpkin

    Persona System

    I'm having an issue where the first member of my party doesn't have the switch persona action show up in battle. It's not even grayed out like it is for the other party members. Is this a bug, or is it something I'm doing wrong?
  2. psipumpkin

    Persona System

    This is such a cool script! I'm playing the demo, and I just got this error when I tried to fuse personas. I also got the line 1411 error mentioned above.
  3. psipumpkin

    Coping with Thoughts of Unoriginality

    So, I've been working on my game for a few months now, and I'm enjoying the process immensely. I think it's coming along well, and I WANT to be proud of what I've created. The problem is whenever I look at the game, I can't help but think "this is just an EarthBound clone". It's not like I'm...
  4. psipumpkin

    Make KO'd Party Members Revive After Battle

    Whoa, just that simple, huh? Guess I should have paid more attention to the state options, lol. Thanks for the help!
  5. psipumpkin

    Make KO'd Party Members Revive After Battle

    Hello, hello! Basically, I want to make it so that after winning a battle, all KO'd party members are revived with 1 HP. How might I do that? Thank you for your time!
  6. psipumpkin

    Looping Victory Music

    Worked like a charm! Thank you!
  7. psipumpkin

    Looping Victory Music

    Hello! Basically, I'm looking for a plugin that allows victory music to loop until the player returns to the map after a battle. I know there is a yanfly plugin that has a feature similar to this, however the plugins I'm using conflict with yanfly's battle plugins. Thank you for your time!
  8. psipumpkin

    Change default font size?

    So I finally found the perfect font for my game only to discover that it shows up too small for my liking. Is there any way to change the default font size?
  9. psipumpkin

    2017 IGMC Goals and Progress Thread

    I think I've come up with a good idea, so my first task is to quickly hammer out the plot. From there, i need to create some custom sprites before I really begin working on the game itself. Super excited!!
  10. psipumpkin

    Feelin' good!

    Feelin' good!
  11. psipumpkin

    I finally regained access to my old hard drive and retrieved my old sprites and tilesets! Now I...

    I finally regained access to my old hard drive and retrieved my old sprites and tilesets! Now I can finally get back to work! :kaopride:
  12. psipumpkin

    Galv's Character Animations + Character Frames help?

    Okay, I've checked and double checked and have determined that the problem has nothing to do with the size of the sprite sheet. I even fixed the issue with the floating sprite bits. However, the twitching issue and the turning the wrong way issue persists. Therefore, the problem has to lie with...
  13. psipumpkin

    Galv's Character Animations + Character Frames help?

    The four sprites are standing still because that's how the character animations plugin works. Those extra animation slots are supposed to be for idle animations and the like, but I don't really have any use for the extra frames, so I just had them as the same sprite. Also, I don't see what...
  14. psipumpkin

    Galv's Character Animations + Character Frames help?

    I did mess around with the plugin position, and it didn't do anything. I've never heard of TexturePacker, but I'll give it a try and see how it goes.
  15. psipumpkin

    Galv's Character Animations + Character Frames help?

    I'm probably just an idiot, but I've been struggling with the character animation/character frames combo for over two hours, and i'm this close to getting it to work properly, but there are still some issues. Namely that the sprite kind of stretches and twitches, most noticeable while standing...
  16. psipumpkin

    JRPG's that have name input

    The Persona series has always let you name your character, up to and including the latest one released just last year. Also, if I remember correctly, I believe SMT Nocturne let you name all the MCs, but it's been a while so I may be wrong.
  17. psipumpkin

    The Resource WIP thread 2

    Oh, that makes sense. I've tried to make tilesets before, and there was usually a lot of dissonance between my terrain and everything else. I'll give that a try before making any more individual stuff. Wish me luck ^^
  18. psipumpkin

    The Resource WIP thread 2

    At the moment, no. But I can definitely see how that would be a lot more helpful than drawing in a white void, lol. Thanks for the advice!
  19. psipumpkin

    The Resource WIP thread 2

    So, something like this?
  20. psipumpkin

    The Resource WIP thread 2

    So, I made some trees, and I'm really happy with them! However, after messing around in Photoshop with the hue and saturation, I'm split between two color pallets. Which one looks better? I'm leaning towards 2, but 1 is the original color scheme I had, so I'm a little attached, I guess...

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