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  1. shayoko

    RMMV Eat the King! - An Undead Strategy RPG

    i could not play this at all. going into the options menu and backing out of it caused an unknown error. (i'd guess its something to do with being a single executable) and after the 1st cutscene. before the battle started, "header is wrong" crash happened.
  2. shayoko

    The Era Corruption

    General Thoughts I ended up dropping the game due to a certain point being unpleasant. tho if you just want to complete the game it isn't as bad. the story and characters were bad-okay. i liked some of the villains more then anyone on your side. what made this stand out for me were the fantastic...
  3. shayoko

    RMVXA Princess' Quest and the Royal Secret

    Thoughts i did not enjoy this since i play RPGs more for story and characters and this was a classic RPG with pointless battles and a generic story. while this could certainly be improved in a few areas generally speaking this is a okay game. Random
  4. shayoko

    RM2k/3 Phantom.Negative

    Thoughts i didn't really care for this experience since it was mainly battle focused. it might be more enjoyable for those newer to RPGs that aren't looking for a interesting story or characters.
  5. shayoko

    RMXP Erayu

    A pretty good game definitely worth checking out. and you're welcome for my help with the dialog.
  6. shayoko

    Crimson Light

    This was a okay game with some inconsistency's and poor reasons for the way the villages act toward the main characters.
  7. shayoko

    RMMV Dying World (Episodic Series) CANCELLED FOR NOW

    Thoughts (only ch3 is out at the time of this post) I did not enjoy this.while it was nice to not have turn based battles. we did have a battle system which wasn't fun or well developed. i assume you are punching but the attack hits in a full circle even from a extra block away from you. it...
  8. shayoko

    RMMV Dying World (Episodic Series) CANCELLED FOR NOW

    suggestions not to use all caps for the game folder name and make sure to delete/remove game saves before uploading.
  9. shayoko

    script call open website

    if you just want it accessible through the title screen then this plugin should help
  10. shayoko

    script call open website

    found this for VX Ace # Use The Following in a Script Call: # open_website( url ) # Replacing the URL with a websire url in quotation marks # So the Following would be valid: # open_website( "" ) class Game_Interpreter def open_website( url ) url.gsub!("http://", "")...
  11. shayoko

    How do you Feel About Heavy Use of RTP?

    i would like to see effort put in to give it a custom feel as much as possible. even poor artwork can be a nice refresher.and make your experience stand out.but Graphics in a game are only part of a experience. there is story,game play.visuals,music,grammar and entertainment. it's not that RTP...
  12. shayoko

    What do you think is best about RM?

    everything including the community.
  13. shayoko


    Welcome to the community.
  14. shayoko


    Thoughts This game was okay at first but got tedious  near the end. also it still needs a good amount of polish with grammar mistakes,glitches and changing sprites. it has a few cool ideas but i wouldn't recommend this. Random Thoughts Glitch  
  15. shayoko

    Second Chance!

    it does not let me save the game. it just makes a error sound when i try.
  16. shayoko

    Hi y'all

    i think the best way to get ideas to to have experience. so playing lots of games to see game mechanics and stories to inspire you. since games for these engines started being created in 2009 (i believe) pretty much everything has respectfully been done. make a story based game based on...
  17. shayoko

    RMVXA Flip Dimensions (20 Hour RPG)

    Hello,it's been a while. wondering if Ch 7 will be out soon?
  18. shayoko

    Bleeding Moons (demo available)

    No need to apologize and it's always better late then never. never is sad :( if it's just late theirs still hope for the future!
  19. shayoko

    RMVXA Northwall v1.0.1

    That link is really cool! you should definitely include it in a TXT with the game download.
  20. shayoko

    Back to Felix - COMPLETED (Brief Nudity)

    Thoughts As this seems to be a fan game it's important to note i am not a fan of PewDiePie but the presentation and execution of the plot was still interesting. sadly i was not able to finish the experience which i believe isn't possible with the current version anyway.but i mostly enjoyed...

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