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  1. flutterbyer

    RMMV I have a problem with Cyclone maps

    I want maps in my game to be done with parallax mapping, but when i tried Cyclone maps plugin to make it work, i ended up with a problem: parallax picture i got worked perfectly as a map, but when i moved around it, it didn't move along with me. I tried to find smothing about it on forum, but i...
  2. flutterbyer

    i really love spaghetti

    i really love spaghetti
  3. flutterbyer

    Is there any way to implement music room in RPG Maker MV?

    Hello. I'm currently working on a game and i want to add many stuff, including music room... you know, the thing where you can play any track from the game (i attached an example of what i'm talking about from Mad Father) and is there any code or plugin to add it?
  4. flutterbyer

    hey guys

    hey guys

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