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  1. VanillaBrocker

    Announcement Tragic News Regarding Prominent Forum Member

    That's so sad to hear... We were working together to improve his pages and from the little we talked, could certainly see that he was a sweet, smart, friendly and kind person. May his friends and family find comfort in their memories together.
  2. VanillaBrocker

    Looking fabulous! :cutesmile:

    Looking fabulous! :cutesmile:
  3. VanillaBrocker

    RMMV Question About Maintaining Direction If Only Using Side-View For Walking Sprites

    Yo @Grassfur ! As mentioned in the PM, I've commissioned a plugin from the amazing @dsiver144 for this feature. I've been wanting it for a long time and your request was the spark that I needed before asking someone for that. :guffaw: dsiver said that I can post the plugin. Feel free to share...
  4. VanillaBrocker

    Looking for an Underwater Plugin (RPG Maker MV)

    If you want to try some experimentation, you can try this plugin, by Kamesoft. The bubbles' effect could be achievable with a particles' plugin by MogHunter. Other than that, I believe it's mostly about choosing your assets and getting the proper "blue" tone you're looking for.
  5. VanillaBrocker

    Lucid Nina

    Hello there! :cutesmile: Lucid Nina is my first completed project, it was made on RPG Maker MV and it was released in late 2019. I just re-released it after correcting bugs, improving visuals and texts (thanks to Wavelenght! English isn't my native language as you can probably tell). For this...
  6. VanillaBrocker

    Vanilla Assets [2 Visual Packs]

    Hello there! :cutesmile: I'm Vanilla and I like to create custom visual packs and other assets for RPG Maker MV. Everything I create here is free for personal & commercial use. Credits aren't needed but are certainly appreciated. Keep in mind that some (most) of the visual packs here require...
  7. VanillaBrocker

    Octopath Traveler Battle System (Shield/Shield Break, Weakness Display, BP, etc)

    Wow, really? I'd never guess they'd be using free assets! Pretty interesting! Do you have a source for that? I'm not doubting, though, it's just that I find it honestly impressive. :cutesmile:
  8. VanillaBrocker

    Octopath Traveler Battle System (Shield/Shield Break, Weakness Display, BP, etc)

    Great plugin, Jiffy! :cutesmile: I made a few icons inspired on Octopath Traveler. In case anyone wants it:
  9. VanillaBrocker

    Beast Masters

    @dbchest By "multiple-form creatures", I mean something like what can be seen in creatures with different forms for the same evolution. Like Regional Variants, for example. I had the same feeling when I first knew about it! Nowadays you can just check their stats on a Wiki, though. :guffaw:
  10. VanillaBrocker

    Beast Masters

    Great to see progress, dude! Congratulations! Looking forward to the next updates. :) Quick question: will you implement stuff like IVs and EVs? And multiple-forms creatures?
  11. VanillaBrocker

    Beast Masters

    In my opinion, that's a wise decision. Replicating certain features is definitely awesome, but copying the same rules and formulas would bring problems for people trying to make commercial projects (and even fan-projects, nowadays...). You have my attention! :popcorn:
  12. VanillaBrocker

    Beast Masters

    I already told you that, but again: awesome project, Derek. Looking forward to its development! :cutesmile:
  13. VanillaBrocker

    Beast Masters

    I voted "yes" on the poll, but the only thing I'd suggest you to add on the Options Menu is a Help Box, explaining what each option does. I remember how hard it was back then to understand what were the functionalities for "Battle Style", for example. :cutesmile:
  14. VanillaBrocker

    [STV] Plugins | STV_MonsterCards

    Great plugin, Skotty! Thanks a lot for sharing this! :cutesmile:
  15. VanillaBrocker

    Sure. Sending it as a PM. :)

    Sure. Sending it as a PM. :)
  16. VanillaBrocker

    SumRndmDde's Timed Attack Core

    @SumRndmDde I've just saw that @Lionheart_84 recommended the Shadow Heart's Judgement Ring system. A similiar system is used by YIIK, as you can see at 00:36 in this video: I don't know how it is in Shadow Heart, but here you can see that it goes a little bit faster with each success...
  17. VanillaBrocker

    SumRndmDde's Timed Attack Core

    That's beautiful, dude! Congratulations!
  18. VanillaBrocker

    The Resource WIP thread 2

    @HonestInnocence This is beautiful, dude. Congratulations? Are you planning to make them as full character sets? It's very nostalgic to see these characters again!
  19. VanillaBrocker

    To Credit or Not to Credit - How do I do it?

    I suggest you to reverse search the images on Google Images. Just click on the icon below and select the image you'd like to know where is it from:
  20. VanillaBrocker

    Game & Map Screenshots 8

    @Slimsy Platypus I feel it, bruh. I'm had a simmilar issue. I have to change faces before and after each battle and before each save. @KanaX Wow! Nice job! @Lucy Fox What a cozy place! Snow maps are nice places to take a walk. Congrats! @cekobico It's great, man! Very good job!

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