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  1. WOMB

    I there a news if a new rpg maker is in development?
  2. RMXP Ended

    Looks nice.
  3. WOMB

    Yeah, what happened?
  4. conditional branches/variables

    Don't skip the beginner tutorials.
  5. Soul Sleepers

    I agree. If you look at the screenshots in this project page, there is not much difference from each game.
  6. WOMB

    Also, other then Event Horizon, Prometheus also is a nice Sci-fi stuff. Different story though.
  7. WOMB

    I love event horizon. But I must agree this game has the same atmosphere somehow.
  8. Soul Sleepers

    Clearly its not a map. As you cant see any borders.
  9. (TOTALLY BIASED) Game Rundowns

    I don't get this post..
  10. WOMB

    Rather than DLC why not make a part 2 or something?
  11. Soul Sleepers

    Atmosphere is dark, gritty. Love it!
  12. Voiceover in your game(s)!

    Text to speech does the trick. Kinda robotic though..
  13. WOMB

    How many months did it take you to create the story and character backstory?
  14. WOMB

    Did you ask permission to owners of video's that you used in the game?
  15. How do you create a good story that would be remembered

    Although true in most cases, killing a memorable character has drawbacks. Like for example Aeris.
  16. WOMB

    I felt this too, I mean the questions.
  17. Heroes of Spyria

    looks good
  18. WOMB

    I thought the same thing. somehow that spaceship appeared for no reason.

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