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  1. Dark FolkTale Intro and Overworld Theme 1 - The Rise of A Crimson Tide

    I added a screenplay in the spoiler, if anyone is interested to what I'm working on.
  2. Dark FolkTale Intro and Overworld Theme 1 - The Rise of A Crimson Tide

    Something a little on the darker side. I composed it in FL Studio with vsts (Kontakt Choirs, Play Orchestra, Sylenth1). Its best heard with headphones but the bass hasn't been mastered all the way out yet. Its still a WIP so I was hoping to get some feedback from a new listener. Basically, if...
  3. Post Your Music

    Hi, just wanted to start a thread to share some of my music ideas and hopefully get some opinions from others, maybe some who might hear my music in ways I can't. This track is called "The Romancing March of A Crimson Tide", it is one of multiple tunes played in the transforming overworld...

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