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  2. TheHarmp

    Lovely stuff, I will definitely use these! Thanks!

    Lovely stuff, I will definitely use these! Thanks!
  3. TheHarmp

    Pixel Point - Point08's Edits and Customs

    Beautiful new stuff! Thank you for sharing! Keep up the awesome work! :3
  4. TheHarmp

    Base sprites emotes and animations

    This is an amazing collection, thank you so much for sharing it with us!
  5. TheHarmp

    Tinys Pop Up Icon MV

    I really like this plugin! Thank you so much! Is it possible to keep the auto popup on for positive stuff (gaining items) but off for negative stuff (losing items, using items) Or a way to have the negative stuff show with a red text for example?
  6. TheHarmp

    How to make a Collectible Counter?

    I was trying a similar thing, but with an extra variable and icon attached to the MapGoldWindow.. But my JS skills are nonexistent, so I'm searching for alternatives.. 
  7. TheHarmp

    Terrax Lighting system

    Is there a way to have the TinyGetInfoWnd.js to show above the lighting? or the lighting underneath those windows? Other than that it works amazingly, thank you so much!  
  8. TheHarmp

    Moving Platforms?

    Like Victor Engine - Moving platforms for VX Ace?! I was about to make a topic for this, but I guess bumping this one will have the same result, hopefully.  
  9. TheHarmp

    TheHarmp's Resource Laboratory.

    Thank you so much! ^_^ +Update: Added chests:
  10. TheHarmp

    TheHarmp's Resource Laboratory.

    ~17/01/16 Edit: Added the Mirrorframe Gates.      
  11. TheHarmp

    Graphical Issue with events.

    THANKYOU! I knew I had to have missed something. I've been using RM's for years and only now fully realised that is what the ! does. Thanks again. -high five-
  12. TheHarmp

    Graphical Issue with events.

    Hello again. I have a little issue with events, as shown in the picture, I'm trying to use an event as a roofpart you can walk underneath. But for some reason it shows a few pixels (4?) higher than I want them to be. I remember having a similar issue in VX Ace, but I don't remember what the...
  13. TheHarmp

    TheHarmp's Resource Laboratory.

    Thanks everyone! I'm very glad people are liking my stuff, I apologize for having been away for a while, but real life got quite hectic for a while. I hope to expand my stuff really soon!    You're very welcome! and I hope you've fixed the issue, I wouldn't know what would cause that, they work...
  14. TheHarmp

    TheHarmp's Resource Laboratory.

    Added some stuff to the original post. Same terms of use as the rest, use however you see fit, credits aren't needed but appreciated :) (Success and Failure balloons, Custom font.)   (Mining animations on different materials.) (Note: VX(Ace) edits. Ores, Ingots, Crystalized and Basic...
  15. TheHarmp

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    I'm awestruck over those trees, those are beautiful. Praise Odin.
  16. TheHarmp

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    Thanks for the feedback Ruby! You're completely right about the water! But I hadn't gotten to that yet, the water you see is basically just a placeholder for now, I'm new to most of this parallaxing and haven't figured out how to keep the water animated. It's showing perfectly for me, I don't...
  17. TheHarmp

    Game & Map Screenshots 7

    I do love the oldschool graphics, and Amy, Mettool and Sated, I love your creativity with those stylechoices! I myself chose to stick with MV RTP and edits thereof for now, but my GIMPSkills aren't high enough to edit those qualitatively. (My first MV Parallax) No events or anything yet, Just...
  18. TheHarmp

    TheHarmp's Resource Laboratory.

    Nice catch! I'll remove or edit those asap! Thanks for the feedback! Edit: while checking what else I messed up on, I noticed some of the Walltiles don't work well.. AT ALL. So my apologies for that, and I'll try fixing them as soon as I get some time.
  19. TheHarmp

    TheHarmp's Resource Laboratory.

    You're right again Sharm, I'm sorry, I'm used to the VXAce forums, which didn't have this many different specific topics and stuff. I'll try to not let this happen again haha, But the WIP I posted has been finished and added to the original post.
  20. TheHarmp

    Cvrtis' Edits (Little update)

    Beautiful stuff! Thanks for sharing!  

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