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  1. Ouro

    2023 Goals and Progress Thread

    Been doing, among other things, a big rehaul of existing content where I go through all the pre-existing dialogue and replace the faces with the new facesets for every speaking character. Just finished doing it for all the Common Event and Troop Event dialogues.
  2. Ouro

    RMMV The Unborn Daughter (Last Updated: 31/12/2021)

    It *is* going, believe it or not. Alas, the new job that I've held for about a year or so has really put the kibosh on some of my dev time, since it requires such long and regular shifts. That in combination with the fact that the next update is both featuring a huge batch of new content and is...
  3. Ouro

    RMMV Scaling MP from a different stat?

    So if players can't boost their MaxMP directly and can only do so through Int, aren't Int and MMP effectively the same stat at that point? Maybe you should just rename MMP to 'Int' in the system and make all your damage spells scale off MMP at a 1 to 5 ratio. Get rid of the actual Int skill and...
  4. Ouro

    Why do designers choose to scale enemies with the player?

    I think in it's theoretical 'best form', scaling can be used in open world games to help preserve some of the fun. Since the player has a lot of freedom in where to go, it's possible to skip some areas by accident and only to discover them later, at the point where you are far too levelled for...
  5. Ouro

    RMMV Scaling MP from a different stat?

    Right. So you can't just make it that clicking to boost your Int will also increase your mana because of how the plugin works? And do you still want to give players the option to spend points to boost max mana directly or should they only be able to do it by boosting Int?
  6. Ouro

    RMMV Scaling MP from a different stat?

    I don't believe Yanfly's Parameter Control can make it so that MAT universally applies a MHP buff, though I could be wrong. That said, you could just lie. Just say that MAT increases MHP and then do it behind the scenes in the way SG suggests.
  7. Ouro

    She's a nasty person

    She's a nasty person
  8. Ouro

    It's important for your party of adventurers to be harmonious and united. [ATTACH]

    It's important for your party of adventurers to be harmonious and united.
  9. Ouro

    Status effects: Standardized or Unique?

    I think a mix of the two approaches is best. You can have a variety of workhorse status effects that get used all the time and that the player will become very familiar with while also sprinkling in some more unique states that really characterise a particular enemy encounter or bossfight...
  10. Ouro

    People can spend money on a lawyer for all manner of silly things

    People can spend money on a lawyer for all manner of silly things
  11. Ouro

    2023 Goals and Progress Thread

    Part of today's progress was putting in the details on a skill called Artistry. There's a monster, an optional boss, who uses this skill to summon special portrait-themed enemies. But this ain't about that. This is a game all about blue magic so the hard part was making Artistry effective when...
  12. Ouro


    You'd think so, wouldn't you? You'd think so. But even if we're talking about a dev who doesn't have the inclination or resources to put in specific sprites like that, recolouring is just one basic photo manip away. Hell, the program has a dedicated hue-shift button if even that's beyond you...
  13. Ouro


    Recolours are also a great way to signal to the player in boss fights. For example, if your boss is supported by 3 identical minions that all do different things, like one heals the boss, another inflicts debuffs, etc, then making them different colours is a great way to tell the player...
  14. Ouro

    If you respect the art of game development in any way, please, do not use AI Art.

    Midjourney is very accomplished at landscapes, for sure. Mostly just a 'Computer, show me some cool stuff for the next five minutes' tool in that case, though I am considering using this one in an actual project. As for people, you're probably better off using a strategy many real artists do...
  15. Ouro

    Open A.I and its Ability to aid RPG Maker Game Planning

    It's a neat idea and using it as a prompt machine sounds hella fun but in the end you still gotta put it all into the game yourself, no?
  16. Ouro

    Some other "Elemental" system?

    If you want to stay in the realm of tradition, you could use the classic Chinese elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water.
  17. Ouro

    On AI Generated Art

    We already have a thread in General for the great AI debate.
  18. Ouro

    On AI Generated Art

    This is fine, regardless of your position on the matter of AI Art as a whole. Whether you want to use this kind of stuff for your games or not, there's no reason for AI-generated products to be posted as a resource since anyone can make them. Anyone who wants such a resource for their games can...
  19. Ouro

    2023 Goals and Progress Thread

    Well it's all self-satisfaction in the end.
  20. Ouro

    2023 Goals and Progress Thread

    Alternative Goal: Get up to 500 different status effects in the game. :stickytongue:

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