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  1. Soulrender

    How to fast-forward in MZ

    Hmm... Many years ago when I edited warcraft 3 main scenarios maps I noticed the Blizzard skipping dialogue method was to check every single line if boolean variable was set to true, so my guess is you can do it with switches and it would look like this (more less). How to set event that set...
  2. Soulrender

    RMMV Spellzone

    Just a friendly reminder, I'll be streaming my project on my YouTube channel on friday evening, 19:00 to show main meat od the game since no other streamers reached it. I'll be streaming the whole game from start to the very end. Link:
  3. Soulrender


    About marketing: - Post it here on this forum in dedicated section for that. - Posts on facebook, twitter, instagram, any popular social media portals. - contact any RPG Maker streamer to ask to stream / review your game. - start your own social media pages to post your game. About game...
  4. Soulrender

    Looking For Good Huds

    Well, I would start at searching with google and has nice content of HUD's elements Oh, here, 5 scrolls with mouse.
  5. Soulrender

    Soulrender - Shadow People (Creative Commons)

    It's been a while since I spoke on this forum, but I think it's time to catch up and come to you with something different, this morning when I woke up and had my standard coffee, something inspired me and I sat down to my favourite music program, FL Studio, being a fan of paranormal phenomena...
  6. Soulrender

    Congrats, but the real boss will be everyday struggle with people who has Driving License longer...

    Congrats, but the real boss will be everyday struggle with people who has Driving License longer than you. :)
  7. Soulrender


  8. Soulrender

    Custom icon for game?

    @Andar, almost right it's Resource Hacker
  9. Soulrender

    Knight Animated Sideview Battler

    Something like that?
  10. Soulrender

    RPG Maker Games Critique with Thenerdmansion Game Submission

    If you have a spare time and nothing to play, then check out my Spellzone game :) PM me for dedicated link to download it - I have special version for you. It is no different than regular downloads, but it is slightly faster.
  11. Soulrender

    RMMV Spellzone

    Updated version uploaded Download from one of three sites / GameJolt / Read brief info about game Update list:
  12. Soulrender

    RMMV Spellzone

    Updated First page and first post with new screenshots. Tommorow I upload game
  13. Soulrender

    RMMV Spellzone

    - Actors faces are replaced with high quality busts, generated with AI (at this point when I publish this post, there are 114 busts to make more) - Re-model main heroes - Other stuff I found after looong break.
  14. Soulrender

    Skill that refunds it's own mana cost but only the first time it's used?

    First, pick an unused game switch (in this example it will be switch with id 1) and use following damage formula: $gameSwitches.value(1) ? a.gainMp(10); $gameSwitches.setValue(1, true); x : x x is your actuall damage formula. and after the battle ends set Switch ID#1 to OFF. (Not tested...
  15. Soulrender

    What do game achievements mean to you?

    Answering the question on this topic What do game achievements mean to you? I'll say it just short - nothing. I play games not to achieve something, but to spend my free time and if the game has an engaging storyline I play to know the conclusion of that particular story.
  16. Soulrender

    RMMV YEP_X_TurnOrderDisplay - change colors when state affected.

    Yes, this also will do, when I get back from work, I'll check it. Thank you and I owe you big time. @poppicha - Thank you again, it works as intended! :) Thank you again.
  17. Soulrender

    I finally know what to do with my current job! [spoiler]

    I finally know what to do with my current job!
  18. Soulrender

    Quest Maker 1.1 for Galv's Quest Log Plugin (MV)

    Its no longer available on my profile, but when I get back home from work (12h) I'll do reupload. @twosnakes edit: here you go - I wanted to sell it for $500 but I was drunk and high at that time. Warning! Some of the ****ty antivirus software may detect it as a malicious file since...

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