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  1. Old University Project Unable to be Opened

    Hello all, if you check my account's post history you will see I inquired about a question regarding a project for a game development program I was taking while in university. I have since graduated (and received perfect marks on the project) and wanted to revisit the work I had previously done...
  2. Failed to load: img/tilesets/custom tileset

    Oh right it wasn’t supposed to be a legitimate question, more so just what I plan on tackling next. I wasn’t sure where to post this current one though or that I needed to inform a mod that the problem was resolved, so thank you for letting me know! You’ve been a huge help, cheers!
  3. Failed to load: img/tilesets/custom tileset

    Sorry for the late response, but I managed to test it and that was indeed what was wrong. Thank you for the help! Now I just need to figure out how to implement a timer. I am trying to set up a radiation system that kills you if you take too long completing the game...
  4. Failed to load: img/tilesets/custom tileset

    Hello all, I’m working on a game for my game development class in University and I’ve stumbled upon an issue. Just for clarification, the actual error message is failed to load: img/tilesets/HC_Sewer&FactoryA4.png I just wanted it to be clear that it is having trouble with this custom tileset...

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