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    FREE REQUEST [MV] Not Another Fanciful Tale - Project Recruitment

    Engine: MV Synopsis: Not Another Fanciful Tale is the first planned installment in a proposed Fanciful Tales game series and will feature future sequels and/or prequels such as Yet Another Fanciful Tale and A Fanciful Tale: The Story of Randal the Great. The setting is that of a...
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    Tall Sprites request - MV

    Resource type: Characters and Battlers Maker format: MV Description: I am requesting for someone to create tall sprites using characters I create using the character generator. It will be for a free game, and you will be given credit. The tall sprites are for both map character and battler...
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    Recreate FFRK Battle System

    And another shameless bump.
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    Recreate FFRK Battle System

    Yet another shameless bump.
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    Recreate FFRK Battle System

    Shameless bump.
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    VE - Battle Command Window

    Do you have any insight how to make it happen? I figured for picture "buttons" I will need to use another plugin.
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    VE - Battle Command Window

    I was wondering if this could be used to recreate a version of FFRK's battle system where only the options and stats are shown for the active actor. I have a picture over on my questions thread.
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    Recreate FFRK Battle System

    Ah, I understand! Thank you for clearing that up.
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    Recreate FFRK Battle System

    I originally posted it there because I was seeing if there were existing plugins that could accomplish what I am hoping to do. But I can see why it was moved.
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    Recreate FFRK Battle System

    Hello all! I am wanting to create a game for mobile devices, and out of the many mobile games I play I like FFRK's (Final Fantasy Record Keeper) battle system the best. It is simple and fluid and makes great use of the limited screen space. I am wondering if anyone knows how to recreate this...
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    Final Fantasy Record Keeper Skill System

    @Jachan I appreciate the feedback. The idea is that it would function the same as a "normal" RPG without the daily dungeons, events, etc. I just like the FFRK skill and combat system because it works well for a mobile game. If I can get it to work each character would have Attack, Guard...
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    Final Fantasy Record Keeper Skill System

    I came across this by @Moogle_X, and would it help with the original intent of my thread: If so, does anyone know how to implement it?
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    [MV] Rabbit Mount Sprite

    Resource Type: Character Sprite & Face sheets Maker Format: MV Art Style: Artist Choice, blends well with stock character generator sprites Description: I am requesting a rabbit sprite sheet that will be used as mounts for characters (so they need to be large enough). A simple gray/white...
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    Hiding all but active battler HUD in side view battle?

    Is it possible that during side view battle in MV that only the HUD/info for the current actor is displayed? For example, it is Actor 1's turn, so only their HP, MP, and TP bars are shown while Actors 2 through 5 are not. I would really like to develop my game on a mobile platform, and doing...
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    Final Fantasy Record Keeper Skill System

    True, but the only issue I see is that a skill cannot be shared/equipped by different party members.
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    Final Fantasy Record Keeper Skill System

    @Starsinger thank you, I actually follow and understand all of that. That is most helpful, thank you!
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    Final Fantasy Record Keeper Skill System

    I have been browsing lots of different plugins and I was wondering if it was possible to recreate FFRK's skill system. 1) Skills have a set number of uses in battle, instead of using MP 2) Each class can only use certain types of skills (Black Mage can only use Black Magic, White Mage can only...
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    Legend of Dragoon battle system

    Hello, everyone! I am currently making a game, and I use a lot of Yanfly scripts and plugins. I was wondering if in MV there was a way to do the Dragoon transformation. 1) Have a bar that fills up during battle. 2) Through a separate system, the bar levels up on its own from 1-5. 3) How many...
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    Yanfly ATB Speed Help

    Link to the Plugin: I have read about every tutorial and forum thread about this, but nothing seems to do the trick. I am trying to alter the speed that the ATB gauge fills up, for both the initial action and the charge. The...
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    "Attack Single Row" Melee Skills

    I am using Yanfly's Row Formation, Selection Core, Target Core, Battle Core, etc., plugins, and I am having difficulty making a particular action sequence. What I want to achieve is a melee skill where a dual-wield character moves to the enemy row, attacks with both weapons, simultaneously...

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