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  1. RMMV More frames for sideview actors

    So, I've been trying to add more frames to an attack animation than the basic 3 RPG Maker gives you, so is there any plugins that fufill this? (I've tried YED Sideview, it gives me errors every time about the index variable)
  2. RMMV Cannot read property 'height' of undefined

    I just restarted my computer and the problem fixed itself???
  3. RMMV Cannot read property 'height' of undefined

    This seemed to happen out of nowhere once i imported a new enemy sprite, and have tried to expiriment with adding a new enemy? I tried removing specific enemies in hopes, but it seems that this for some reason has issue calling anything related to the sprite enemy.
  4. RMMV Gauge change

    nothing changes from the default.
  5. RMMV Gauge change

    Alright, [i'm not sure if this can be moved to that plugin's thread, but if so please do.] what can I do to help diagnose the problem?
  6. RMMV Gauge change

    I have little to no experience in coding for things like this, are there any "commands" that would be accurate for this? (i.e coding terms that would help point me in the right direction)
  7. RMMV Gauge change

    How does one change the shape and color of the gauge outside of Pretty Sleek Gauges? I'd use it, but that and some other plugins refuse to work in MV at all for some reason. If there's any alternatives to changing your gauge, please inform.

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