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  1. Moosky

    Slider in the Options Menu

    Hello I am currently making a prototype of sorts or a beta but while making a custom settings menu all the options work fine except the sliders. My games's resolution is 1535 x 1000 Is there a way to fix it? For the time being the options menu will have to stay buggy. Right now the text is going...
  2. Moosky

    RMMV Bust size and AltMenuScreen

    Oh thank you so much! I already have Clip Studio Paint so that's not an issue. I will watch the video today!
  3. Moosky

    RMMV Bust size and AltMenuScreen

    So I got the RPG Maker MV and I want to draw busts of the characters and put images inside the menu like 'The Forest of Drizzling Rain' which is one of my all time favourite rpg maker titles. So I need two dimensions. To add more context I got the AltMenuScreen to achieve to bigger picture to...
  4. Moosky

    Citali's Art Workshop, specifically character busts and such.

    These look great! Your art style is great
  5. Moosky

    Citali's Art Workshop, specifically character busts and such.

    something simple with no background necessary, sketchy is cool. A scene with two friends, making some cats on a wall
  6. Moosky

    Citali's Art Workshop, specifically character busts and such.

    sorry about that This character is: -has long grey hair with long bangs -usually lacks a certain part of their body -roam liminal spaces most of the time -have a childish personality -favourite thing to do is play with clay (what they're made out of) -and they all reach 200cm and yea it's the...
  7. Moosky

    Citali's Art Workshop, specifically character busts and such.

    Is this still open? it's okay if its not i'd be sharing my project art anyway
  8. Moosky

    Hylics/OMORI type fights

    I am thinking of making a game but something is pulling me back. I am a absolute beginner with a learning disability so it's harder for me to learn new stuff but I do my best. So here's the thing: I want a battle screen to be similar to Hylics and OMORI, in a way I want the screen to have...

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