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  1. RMMZ Help Using VisuMZ_3_inputcomboskills Plugin by VisuStella

    Hello RPG Community, I am experiencing a problem with the input combo skills plugin that I bought from VisuStella. Whenever I add the notetags to a skill and test the combat of my game, nothing happens when I press the buttons on my keyboard or controller. What am I doing wrong? Below is a...
  2. RMMZ Question about HUD Maker Ultra Pro

    Hey everyone, I am considering designing my own menu in RPG Maker MZ for my game. I want to use HUD Maker Ultra Pro, but I’m not sure if the program can help me achieve what I want. I’ve noticed from a video that I watched that they were discussing creating a menu for the map and battles, but...
  3. RPG MAKER MZ - Effekseer Custom Animations Not Loading!!!!!!

    Hey everyone, Whenever I press play while testing the animation I made in Effekseer, I get a black screen. I’ve made sure to download the Effekseer plugin and have it turned on in RPG Maker MZ, but the issue does not go away. I have even tested the whole game, and the attack animations still...
  4. Encounter Effects - VisuStella MZ Plugin

    Thanks, the plugin is now working properly.
  5. Encounter Effects - VisuStella MZ Plugin

    Hello everyone, I have a technical issue that I must resolve to complete my RPG Maker MZ game. I purchased a plugin a few days ago called Encounter Effects that I cannot get to work. I am not sure how to apply the plugin to an enemy sprite or event. I’ve attached some screenshots so you can...

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