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  1. You Clod

    Gravity Magic Action Sequence

    I don't know if you still need these action sequences (probably not) but I made them anyway just in case. I'm new to action sequencing so they might not be perfect.
  2. You Clod

    2Qs: Yanfly Stacking DoT damage element and Random Skill item.

    You could use yanflys item requirement plugin. That way only the specified actor can use the item. I have a skill called 'burn' that literally does just that, it adds fire damage over time and stacks nicely. <Category: Ailment> <DoT Formula...
  3. You Clod

    Battle system not working (1.5.0)

    I've now rearranged the plugins using yanflys order and got rid of the ones that I don't use and it works. Well, the battle test doesn't work and shows the same old error screen but it works ingame which is all I ever wanted. Thank you so much for your help.
  4. You Clod

    Battle system not working (1.5.0)

    Ok wow thank you for your quick reply. I just thought I could add the plugins and turn them on if I needed them and that I only needed to put the yanfly plugins under their core plugins and I don't have a www folder or anything. I'm now going to delete the plugins from the folder and only add...
  5. You Clod

    Battle system not working (1.5.0)

    I have quite a lot of plugins at the moment since I'm still figuring out which I want to use. Like I said I even deinstalled them all and deleted them from my plugin folder but it still showed the same error message.
  6. You Clod

    Battle system not working (1.5.0)

    Whenever I try to run a battle test or just a normal battle in-game I always get this message (see picture) and I don't know how to fix it. I know updating my game to 1.6 or whatever could maybe help but I'm actually happy with 1.5 and I was using 1.1 prior to that. I also tested all of my...
  7. You Clod

    [OPEN]Avy's Icon Workshop

    Good to know. Thank you so much. Your icons are absolutely stunning and I can't wait to use them^^
  8. You Clod

    [OPEN]Avy's Icon Workshop

    Hi there, I wanted to ask how these modular Icons work. Do I have to combine them in another program? How do I use them correctly?
  9. You Clod

    Astra Cat's Simple Input Settings Plugin (WASD Movement, Disable F2-F4 and Disable Mouse)

    Hi there I have a problem. No matter what I try the 'w' key just won't work. And I have no idea why. Everything else works great except for going up.
  10. You Clod

    Tooltip on Text

    Aren't there any plugin commands for this? I downloaded it but I couldn't find any. The idea is awesome but I don't seem to be able to use this plugin. Is there an instruction manual somewhere?
  11. You Clod

    RPG Maker MV 1.5.1 and MADO!

    Whenever I update my game it says I have to add community_basic but as soon as I add community_basic all of my plugins are gone, everything disappears when I add this community stuff. I tried fixing it like 6 times but it still doesn´t work. My backup works fine and without any problems but why...
  12. You Clod

    MV Season Pass Without Steam?

    It`s not possible to submit the ticket without the product key. My mom said she bought the RPG Maker on amazon, is it possible to get in contact via amazon too?
  13. You Clod

    MV Season Pass Without Steam?

    The thing is my mom bought it for me as a present and it seems that she deleted all the emails concerning the rpg maker. What do I do now?
  14. You Clod

    MV Season Pass Without Steam?

    But where do I find it?
  15. You Clod

    MV Season Pass Without Steam?

    I have the same problem but I don`t know where to find this steam key. Could somebody please tell me where it is?
  16. You Clod

    Amysaurus' Sprites!

    Hi I just found your post and I´m so happy right now because I´ve been searching for an cannon sprite like forever. There is only one thing that´s bothering me about it. Do you think you would be able to make it so it´s facing up? If you could do that it would be awesome :D Btw I love your...
  17. You Clod

    Iliketea's commoners clothing line

    @Andar I´m sorry. I will translate them from now on. @Iliketea That would be awesome, thank you :)
  18. You Clod

    Iliketea's commoners clothing line

    Hey Iliketea, just found your sprites and they´re absolutely amazing. Ich dachte ich könnte ja mal fragen ob es nicht vielleicht ok für dich wäre ein Hofnarren Kostüm zu machen. So wie der hier: Also nur...
  19. You Clod

    PH - Sprite Reflection

    I really love this plugin but when I use it there´s this strange thing. When I turn your plugine off again it all works perfectly fine. Basically it is a reflection of somme events like waterfalls which are above the water as you can see in the screenshot. How can I fix this?
  20. You Clod

    Better Interiors (RTP-Edit, Better Aligned Furniture, Plants, Stairs and Roof Beams)

    How can I make the player walk up the stairs? It looks so strange because he is walking a normal straight line.

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