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  1. HoofedEar

    Deploy to iOS Tutorial (Xcode 13)

    Overview & Requirements: In this tutorial, I will show you how to how to use Cordova to create an Xcode project that will run your game on an iOS device. This tutorail will not teach you how to get your game on the App Store. You will need a computer running macOS with Xcode 13 installed. You...
  2. HoofedEar

    WebGL: CONTEXT_LOST_WEBGL: loseContext: context lost

    Just throwing my hat in here, I'm having the same issue as well. Running 11.1 Big Sur. Getting random crashes as well. Hopefully the dev can come up with a better solution than "Downgrade to Catalina".
  3. HoofedEar

    Any "8-bit" fonts that work well with VisuMZ Pixel Image Rendering?

    Interesting, this is essentially just a smoothing technique instead of trying to find a way to disable Anti-Aliasing... neat!
  4. HoofedEar

    Any "8-bit" fonts that work well with VisuMZ Pixel Image Rendering?

    Are you able to explain how you got to this point? A lot of the information in the linked thread is confusing/not very clear. People are still asking in that thread how to do it.. Please share your great wisdom! :kaodes: Also, this thread is the first result on Google when looking up this issue...
  5. HoofedEar

    iOS App creation tutorial for MZ/MV (xcode 12)

    Works perfectly! Thanks so much for writing this up!
  6. HoofedEar

    What happened to iOS export option?

    Wow, great work finding this! I will do some testing today to verify on my own builds, but this looks like this could be the ticket! Since we are already overriding the function, we should be able to reduce it to this: SceneManager.isGameActive = function() { return true; }; I'll edit my...
  7. HoofedEar

    RMMZ Show tile animation when tiles are in game window view

    Basically, any tiles that are outside the game window do not animate. This would help performance in large maps, without having to completely disable animations on tiles. Maybe it would be best to create a buffer to allow for a smooth transition, such as the +3 tiles in any direction are still...
  8. HoofedEar

    The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Is there a way to remove the Magic Defense and Magic attack from the game window using MainMenuCore?:
  9. HoofedEar

    What happened to iOS export option?

    Thanks a lot for looking into this and putting it together! This essentially proves that RMMZ has a bug, so we should probably make a post about it in the Bug section to let them know about it
  10. HoofedEar

    What happened to iOS export option? Here is another resource that could point us in the right direction. I really hope we can get this figured out, because a Basic RPG Maker MZ game with no plugins barelyyy makes the threshold to be posted on...
  11. HoofedEar

    What happened to iOS export option?

    Check the new edit I made! Try it out and see if that works EDIT: I wonder if we test the same Swift code we are using with an RPG Maker MV game, that would confirm for us weather this is an MZ problem or an iOS bug.
  12. HoofedEar

    What happened to iOS export option?

    I noticed that error too in my builds! I read somewhere that it has something to do with this: iPhones have this set to false by default, maybe we need to ensure this is enabled? EDIT: Here...
  13. HoofedEar

    What happened to iOS export option?

    Is Cordova still being updated? Last I heard Adobe had abandoned it and now it’s considered taboo to use it. I wouldn’t mind switching to a different method, but I wanna find out if native Swift can handle it. Which I’m sure it can, I just gotta figure out what flag I’m missing or whatever. I...
  14. HoofedEar

    What happened to iOS export option?

    Okay so I just wanted to respond to this thread with a better description/example of what we are stuck on, in case anyone wants to jump in with ideas about what could be causing it. So to help test my theory about having to tap outside of the game itself to get it to display graphics, I changed...
  15. HoofedEar

    What happened to iOS export option?

    Ah that makes sense, because I noticed that the black screen only goes away if you tap outside the game window itself. So either the left or right side of a basic RMMZ project, so it’s definitely something we will have to tweak within the app itself. I’ll look into trying to simulate touch when...
  16. HoofedEar

    What happened to iOS export option?

    Ok so I was able to get to this point on iOS using a completely blank project with no plugins. It runs, but you need to touch the left side of the screen for the picture to come up. Perhaps there is some way to simulate touch on that side of the screen at startup to "trick" it into working...
  17. HoofedEar

    What happened to iOS export option?

    I wonder what is causing this blackscreen problem? I tried testing with other versions of PixiJS and it still produced the blackscreen with BGM playing This is super frustrating, especially since it seemed that RMMZ was being pushed for mobile-friendliness EDIT: Also I'd like to point out how...
  18. HoofedEar

    What happened to iOS export option?

    Any more luck on this? I'm having the same issue you are (black screen with BMG) but using native Swift/not Cordova. So this may still be a RMMZ issue
  19. HoofedEar

    What happened to iOS export option?

    Is this for MZ or MV? I'm still getting the "Can't find variable: WebAssembly" error when running it Okay got the app installed, running, but the screen is blank, but music is playing!
  20. HoofedEar

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    What the license for the Sample Project assets? Like lets say, we like the icons, or the modified RTP, what is the license for these assets?

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