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  1. JorgeMaker

    RMMZ Fast Forward increasing speed

    If you're talking about the speed of the map update: (save as Dragon_CustomFastForward.js) //============================================================================= // ** RPG Maker MZ - Dragon_CustomFastForward.js...
  2. JorgeMaker

    RMMZ Jitter Fix Plugin for MZ

    It's really weird that it's not working, since I'm sure the code for it is there in version 1.7.0. In any case, try this plugin: //============================================================================= // * Dragon Refuge - RPG Maker Plugins by Jorge *...
  3. JorgeMaker

    RMMZ Jitter Fix Plugin for MZ

    You're probably using an older version of MZ Corescript. The Screen Scale option was only properly implemented later. To update the Corescript, go to the MZ toolbar and: Game/Update Corescript. Make sure you have a backup in case the process breaks something.
  4. JorgeMaker

    RMMZ Jitter Fix Plugin for MZ

    I developed some low resolution game prototypes similar to 2K3 (320x240) on MZ and had no issues with jitter. But I also never used parallax and I use my own camera plugin. Tell me, does the problem only happen when using parallax or when using the zoom plugin or both together? If it's the zoom...
  5. JorgeMaker

    RMMZ Jitter Fix Plugin for MZ

    Looking at the video in your thread, I don't think it has anything to do with the frame update function. It also doesn't seem to me to be a native MZ problem, since by default there is no smooth displacement in the camera, which must be provided by some plugin, which is usually what causes or...
  6. JorgeMaker


  7. JorgeMaker

    RMMV Rpg... stuff! (Individual inventorys and charge dash/animated characters)

    It seems that few people know this, but Altimit has its own animations plugin. Check their github: It is quite complex to use as far as I know. Alternatively you can also try QSprite, from quxios, which even has an editor.
  8. JorgeMaker

    RMMV Is it possible to show a stats window in battle, like in NES Dragon Quest?

    This might be useful for you: $gameParty.leader(); //returns the first battle member, same as $gameParty.battleMembers()[0] $gameParty.members(); //returns an array with all members $gameParty.battleMembers(); //returns an array with all battle members const actor = $gameParty.leader()...
  9. JorgeMaker

    RMMV [SOLVED] Diagonal animations and QMovement
  10. JorgeMaker

    Event/Script solution for picture movement using Designate by Variable

    Well, I could make a long answer explaining how to make all this work perfectly, but that would involve rewriting all the logic of your system and replicating it by the same logic that is used in events, player and followers. But first of all, why exactly would it be necessary to make a system...
  11. JorgeMaker

    Event/Script solution for picture movement using Designate by Variable

    $gameScreen.picture(picID).x() + $gameMap.displayX() * $gameMap.tileWidth(); $gameScreen.picture(picID).y() + $gameMap.displayY() * $gameMap.tileHeight(); You will put each line of this script into two different variables. replace "picID" with the Id of your picture. Example:
  12. JorgeMaker

    Event/Script solution for picture movement using Designate by Variable

    It doesn't work as you expect because you are using the screen coordinates from the image to make tests with map coordinates. To get the position of the image on the map you must sum the position of the image by the map scroll, like this: //pseudocode let picMapX = pic.x + $gameMap.displayX() *...
  13. JorgeMaker

    RMMV World Map in Menu

    By region name, do you mean Map Name/Map Display Name? It is definitely an easier solution. But at the same time it is something very specific, I doubt that anyone has already made this available to the community. I can do it when I have time, though :kaopride:
  14. JorgeMaker

    RMMV World Map in Menu

    Would it be something like a Metroidvania Map? Where you have several maps connecting into a larger map? It's definitely possible, I had even started a plugin along these lines, but it's on hold, I don't know if anyone has done something like this before. For this to work, you would have to...
  15. JorgeMaker

    RMMZ AlphaBlue

    The game is getting amazing, amigo! I really appreciate games that, even made in RPGMaker, are not limited to the genre that the engine proposes to make -even if it is less comfortable to do so-.
  16. JorgeMaker

    RMMZ Focus Camera on Event

    Maybe you can use my plugin: It makes the camera smoother too and you don't seem to be interested in it, but it's possible to disable this function during gameplay. (Set the "Slide Coefficient" parameter...
  17. JorgeMaker

    RMXP Deactivate viewing direction

    Oh well, I've been using XP for years, today I discover something new. lol It's true, I use XPAce as if it were standard. Thanks for the support, KK20.
  18. JorgeMaker

    RMXP Deactivate viewing direction

    Well, just as I imagined, your version of RMXP is not only loading scripts when starting playtest, but also when restarting playtest. At least based on my version of the RMXP, that shouldn't happen. Try creating a new project, reinstall the program, I really don't know exactly what's going on.
  19. JorgeMaker

    RMXP Deactivate viewing direction

    Replace with this code: It won't solve anything, I just want you to tell me if the window that says "TEST" appears after you press F12. #============================================================================== # ** Game_Character...
  20. JorgeMaker

    RMXP Deactivate viewing direction

    If my script is the only one you're using in your project, then for some reason your game is reloading the scripts when you press F12. That's an assumption, but I also don't know why that would be happening.

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