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  1. desireroad

    Hi, DR here, New to the RPG maker Community,

    I've actually seen some of your YouTube tutorials. So cheers for those ! :VXA1:
  2. desireroad

    Hello, RPG Maker community!

    Hey from one newbie to another. :biggrin:
  3. desireroad

    Making a pixelated Icon for MV/MZ

    Bookmarked and saved. I'm only currently good at editing pixel art rather then making from scratch. This will be extremely helpful.
  4. desireroad

    What Games Inspired You to RPGMake?

    Gotta be the first dragon quest or final fantasy, Something about the grind and levelling got me invested back then and whenever a good rpg pops up now , I'm pretty much fixated on it till completion. Pretty much why I try not to look to deeply at released games as I need to get making things...
  5. desireroad

    Hi, DR here, New to the RPG maker Community,

    Hey, I have been kind of wandering around the forums for a while but have finally decided to introduce myself. So, Hi! I'm Dr, Nice to meet you! I am currently in the "need help phase" rather then the "giving out help phase". Hopefully as I learn more about JavaScript and Rpg maker eventing, I...
  6. desireroad

    Changing Menu name based on switch in Common Event Menu (YEP)

    Hi, Can someone remove this post, It seems like the plugin itself is not setup to be able to preform this task, I will request a patch on a different section. Thanks.
  7. desireroad

    Changing Menu name based on switch in Common Event Menu (YEP)

    Hey, I don't know why the menu name doesn't seem to update but whenever I "catch a monster" a switch comes on and the menu name should change, amongst other things. The text will display after I catch the monster but the menu name doesn't seem to want to update though. I am using Common Event...
  8. desireroad

    High/Low Card Mini Game (Help)

    What an extremely helpful tutorial , Many thanks!
  9. desireroad

    High/Low Card Mini Game (Help)

    Hey, I am absolutely squeaky clean to Rpg maker mv and JavaScript so I'm not sure how hard creating a high low card mini game would be. I am looking for someone to give me a bit of direction of where I can look to achieve this mini game. I don't expect someone to outright make it for me but I...

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