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    Come Along (SHORT Demo Available)

    Come Along —— A short horror game demo by Michaela Laws (Download Here)(Or Here) Two sisters, torn apart by fate. Cadence, determined to get her sister, Calypso, back, ventures into Twin Manor to confront her sister's kidnapper. However, as she enters the manor, she slowly learns that here...

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Okay, that is the last from me for a while, back to stupid work. Eugh!
I made a new little movie for my game, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't fit the family friendly rules here. :LZSgrin: I put it up on my youtube channel though.

Main theme for a Start/Continue/Options screen after Title card
28 notifications, and like 30 emails. And I was only gone for six hours. Yeah, I think I'm done for the day.
Also, I think I have a not secret admirer. Hooray...
Working on a battle cutscene, needs some polishing, but I'm liking the result:

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