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  1. Dream!

    RMVXA [Demo] Untitled Dragonball Z Game

    Wow this demo was a treat! Loved everything from the graphics to the music, mapping, eventing and power scaling. You truly have a gem here. Just because you don't get a lot of replies here doesn't mean that there is no market for your game. There is always a market for anything Dragonball in the...
  2. Dream!

    Marvel: Characters Sets & SV Battlers (Avengers, Spider-Man, X-Men, & More) [UPDATED 9/10/2023]

    Looking pretty good! Which suit do you like better? The hooded version or the alternate suit? I really like the hood and symbol details.
  3. Dream!

    I like burgers.

    I like burgers.
  4. Dream!

    RMMV YEP Action Sequences: Premades Current Sequence: Soul Link

    Amazing thread Johnboy. It is pushing me to learn as much as i can. Do you like superheroes? I’ve noticed that some superhero sequences are easier to make since most use their fists to fight but it starts to get difficult when energy based powers are involved as they require some form of...
  5. Dream!

    RMMZ Class Design: Sun Cleric

    I like your class concept. When I saw Sun Cleric, the power of fire comes to mind. I would definitely not mix debuff/decay abilities with this class. Specially afflicting others with Sin. A Sun Cleric to me is a decent fighter with powerful healing, buffing and resurrections abilities. Maybe...
  6. Dream!

    RMMV Camping System

    Love your video, what a nice deep voice! Have you ever though about doing voice acting? Your game makes me feel as if I have to keep my guard up at all times. Very scary. I would definitely incorporate a mild or advanced cooking or crafting system. That would help me stay in the tent area, go...
  7. Dream!

    RMMZ What to Name these characters?

    Hello, do you have family members that share similar qualities? I would name your characters in honor of them.
  8. Dream!

    RMMV Knight of the Mist story/plot help!

    I just went through this section rules and I didn't see anything related to necroposting. If I am, please let me know and I'll fix my post. Hi Alice! I've been following you for a bit and you seem to be such a nice person, kind of an old soul. I would love to brainstorm with you on this, hope...
  9. Dream!


  10. Dream!

    X-Men Character Sets & SV Battlers

    Beautiful work as always. I just started rewatching xmen from the 90's and it brought a lot of memories. Since you also have an interest on mecha sprites, have you ever thought about making The Sentinels? The Juggernaut and Sabretooth would greatly spice up your already epic rogues gallery as...
  11. Dream!

    Fantastic Four Character and SV Battler Sets

    Amazing work as always. All of these characters can be used together for an Onslaught type of story. It would be nice to see The Silver Surfer, Galactus and The Watcher thrown in the mix. Oh and Franklin Richards!
  12. Dream!

    Come back!

    Come back!
  13. Dream!

    Batman: Character Sets & SV Battlers

    We needed this.I would love to see the rest of the league, the avengers, some image/valiant characters such as XO Manowar, spawn etc. I really love your spriting work. Im thinking about making a fan game so I would definetely commision you in the near future.
  14. Dream!

    The Idea of Fanmade "Super Sentai" Projects... but how...? (More details inside)

    I've got a lot of ideas you could use. I would keep things simple.Have two versions of the boss.An oversized and a regular battler.When your main villain increases the size of the monster, prepare an event that switches the enemy image from normal to oversized.The event should trigger the...
  15. Dream!

    I got your answer.

    I got your answer.
  16. Dream!

    RPG Maker FES Resource Pack

    Does it have sideview battlers for each monster?
  17. Dream!

    I hope everything is ok.

    I hope everything is ok.
  18. Dream!

    Link is down! :(

    Link is down! :(
  19. Dream!

    RMVXA Legend of the Infini - Now in Beta

    Congratulations Kanis! Cant wait to see more games from you in the future.

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