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  1. falken14

    Airship tileset for MV

    It works fine for me. Try again?
  2. falken14

    [SOLVED] Get the Map ID (for using it in a common event)

    I think you could do this more directly instead of a conditional branch. Can't test this atm but try this script in your common event: $gameScreen.showPicture($gameMap._mapId, name, origin, x, y, scaleX, scaleY, opacity, blendMode); This should show the picture with the ID that matches the...
  3. falken14

    RMMV Dragonbones is preventing Animated Sideview sprites from flashing

    The answer is here - I had the same problem and this fixed it.
  4. falken14

    Triple Triad Card Game

    Weirdly, I did have this issue a few times but I can't even replicate it now. I thought it couldn't handle text, but I have text in my entries now as well, and they all work fine. Are you copying existing card entries and modifying them?
  5. falken14

    RMMV Yanfly's Equip Battle Skills plugin - changing the name of the in-battle "Skills" command?

    Here's how you can sort these problems yourself if you understand the code used to create the different effects of the plugin: Problem: no option to change the 'Skill' command name with plugin parameters. To find what part of the plugin causes this, you need to look for something that changes...
  6. falken14

    [SOLVED] Why are these similarly-timed effects lasting different amounts of time?

    ^ Wow, you don't see trolls here too often. Ignore. On-topic: I don't think character movement speed affects how fast the game will run through an event code (but I could be wrong). My guess is that your "Slowed" event takes longer for the game to run through because there's a loop in there...
  7. falken14

    Triple Triad Card Game

    Update: I have found a possible workaround method to link cards with items. I have uploaded a demo of this working here. It involved modding Raizen's plugin a bit, and using Aloe Guvner's Sync Variables to Items plugin as well. Disclaimer: I'm not a coder, this obviously isn't pretty, and I...
  8. falken14

    Galv's Fishing Mini Game

    Try FOSSIL.
  9. falken14

    How to make my puzzle work? (Rotating blocks)

    Can you just do a nested conditional branch in a parallel process like: If [EV001] is facing [Down] If [EV002] is facing [Down] If [EV003] is facing [Down] .... If [EV00n] is facing [Down] --> switch ON, or your 'puzzle complete' event sequence, then erase...
  10. falken14

    Triple Triad Card Game

    Hey @Raizen, I was talking about this idea with another poster on the forum and I thought we should post this here: Is there an easy method to link card IDs with database item IDs? That way, you could handle trading, selling, even using the cards in-battle etc. as you would for database...
  11. falken14

    Triple Triad Card Game

    Hey, if you didn't figure this out, you might want to check your individual card settings. I got that error when I was putting text in some of the fields for the card setting parameters (e.g. 'Rarity').
  12. falken14

    RMMZ FF8 GF-style gameplay system

    No, some parts of the system do appear but the game proceeds throws errors left and right as soon as you try and open menus etc. The original plugin is pretty buggy in MV 1.51+ as well.
  13. falken14

    RMMZ FF8 GF-style gameplay system

    Bump. I would still love to have a system like this and there isn't anything else close.
  14. falken14

    Update: I can't find any mention of this whatsoever. Someone made a tool for this purpose (in...

    Update: I can't find any mention of this whatsoever. Someone made a tool for this purpose (in addition to a plugin by Galv) - but the editor has the function already?
  15. falken14

    In MV's database, I just hit F1 by accident while in the 'Note' field, and a menu with my plugin...

    In MV's database, I just hit F1 by accident while in the 'Note' field, and a menu with my plugin helpfiles popped this a known thing? I can't find any reference to it. (I wish I'd found it earlier!)
  16. falken14

    [RMMV] DragonBones 2d Animation Integration

    Hello, did you manage to fix this issue? The exact same thing is happening in my project now.
  17. falken14

    DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Core

    Sure, I can send it in a few hours. Thanks!
  18. falken14

    DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Core

    Hi @DoubleX, I am having some weird behaviour when using the PATB with Yanfly Action Sequences in sideview mode. When an action sequence calls an attack motion (e.g. swing) the user does not always perform the motion correctly - the weapon moves but the battler is static. Because static motions...
  19. falken14

    DoubleX RMMV Popularized ATB Bar

    Working now, thanks!
  20. falken14

    Grim Reaper With Scythe Sprites (MV)

    The Akashics one does have overworld sprites FYI but they're only one direction (down). They do make 4-dir sprites though for some patreons I think. It's hard to find the combination of SV battler and 4-dir map sprites for free. Good luck!

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