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  1. Ganimate

    How can you make a video unskippable?

    Of course, that's game design 101, but I want to make it so that the first time you see it it's unskippable, then, if you play again, it gives you the option to skip it. I know how to do the second part, but my original question remains.
  2. Ganimate

    How can you make a video unskippable?

    Hi everyone! I have this cinematic intro video, and I want to make it unskippable, is there any way to make it so? Thank you!!!
  3. Ganimate

    How to make a hoover sound

    Hi friends!! I'm working on a project I want to share with this community to get some feedback, but first, there are a couple of details I want to polish. Is there a way to make a hoover sound over hotspots for an options menu? That's so important for the feel of the games!!! Any ideas on how...
  4. Ganimate

    Any way to disable right click menu on title screen?

    Are you starting the project from scratch or are you using a sample? If you're using a sample, you can go to the common events and look for the right click event and just erase it.
  5. Ganimate

    Encountered bug with the transport system

    Thanks for the reply Theo! No, it wasn't a fresh project and indeed that was the reason the error occurred, it was a silly mistake, but I'm posting the solution here so if anyone encounters this same issue can use this as a reference. There was another event running on parallel on the map that...
  6. Ganimate

    Encountered bug with the transport system

    Hi everyone! So, this happens whenever I get any character to ride a transport on VX Ace: Anyone has any idea on how to fix the characters showing up there? Of course I want them to disappear when they jump in the transport, and appear back when you get off. Any help will be awesome...
  7. Ganimate

    Working some magic!

    Working some magic!
  8. Ganimate

    How can I change the font of the choice boxes?

    Yeah! Indeed it's an awesome script! But as I wrote, I already knew about it, I'm looking for a way to change the deafult box without using an external box. Anyways, thank you so much for taking the time to reply!! :)
  9. Ganimate

    How can I change the font of the choice boxes?

    Hi everyone! First time on the forums and first time using VN Maker! Enjoying it a lot so far! Now, here's the questiong that brings me here seeking for help: I want to change the font of the default choice boxes that VN Maker has. I found this script in the forums which is really useful...

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