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  1. catc0617

    [MV] Customizable in-menu notebook?

    Sweet, thanks!
  2. catc0617

    [MV] Customizable in-menu notebook?

    Hm, this seems similar to what I want. But I need it to be so that the player isn't writing the hints themselves, but that a hint appears in a notebook-type thing when they talk to a certain NPC. Is there any way to do something like that with that plugin? Great plugin though, I've saved it...
  3. catc0617

    [MV] Customizable in-menu notebook?

    Hey, so I was trying to figure out how to set up a notebook in my game to record game hints for the player to go back and review on certain difficulty levels. I already have a quest log (by Yanfly), and if worst comes to worst, I'll make a quest on that to serve this purpose, but I'd rather it...
  4. catc0617

    [ACE] Multi-Layer Parallax?

    Thanks, mate! Much appreciated.
  5. catc0617

    [ACE] Multi-Layer Parallax?

    Thanks guys!! Vindaca, your script looks like exactly what I'm looking for (and it's free \o/). Reading the script, it looks like I can put parallax maps both at the same level as the character, and above as well! Am I correct on that?
  6. catc0617

    [ACE] Multi-Layer Parallax?

    Okay, I hope I'm posting in the correct section for this... Is it possible, via script or otherwise, to have a mutli-layer parallax map in VX Ace? For example, if I made a layer for the ground (below player), for furniture (same as player), and for overhead objects (above player), is there...

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