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  1. dnel57

    Triggering something when two events touch each other.

    You're welcome. I'm not a coder at all :(
  2. dnel57

    Triggering something when two events touch each other.

    If the protected one is stationary, you could maybe use variables for the enemies' positions x,y. Thug1x = Thug1y = and then using Conditional branches, Thug 1x= Thug 1y= If both are true, then, you could control a switch to make anything happen you want. You would need this on every tile...
  3. dnel57

    Character cannot walk on event tiles despite set to "under character" but CAN on an identical event on another map! Please help!

    Remotely possible (happened to me) that you may have two different tilesets on your map that have some of the same tiles.
  4. dnel57

    Location script question.

    Thank you, Bex. I will try that. Not handy with scripts but, learning.
  5. dnel57

    Location script question. Shaz does not want her script copied and pasted to forums. So, respectfully, I did it this way.
  6. dnel57

    Location script question.

    Shaz has a script to save location of an object such as a moved statue so the event won't reset when you return to that map. Script: $>Script: save_pos() In my situation the object can only be moved to 2 different tiles. Do I need a seperate script for each location or add second location by...
  7. dnel57

    Adding scripts.

    So, you do use paste. Knowing you paste above sure helps but, then, pasting is usually above anyway. Thank you both.
  8. dnel57

    Adding scripts.

    I have just started adding scripts to my game. I have added two to the editor between Materials and Main. One is Yanfly Aftermath. The other is Yanfly Bestiary. I want to add another script which is a party script allowing more than 4 party members in battle. However, there is no "Insert...
  9. dnel57


    This is a tutorial to show how you can use two tile high items that you can push to reveal hidden passageways, doors, etc. You can also create items like pillars, statues, etc. for sliding onto switches for puzzles. First, ( if you don't have it) go to When the page...
  10. dnel57

    This tutorial may help you. [MEDIA]

    This tutorial may help you.
  11. dnel57

    Gimp objects not lining up with default image on map.

    Thanks for your explanation
  12. dnel57

    Is there a way to make armor or weapons unremovable?

    Years ago Dragon Warrior I believe, if you equipped cursed gear, you could go to a priest and have the curse removed. That would unequip the cursed item. Unless you want the curse to be permanent, of course.
  13. dnel57

    Gimp objects not lining up with default image on map.

    Thank you all. What I was doing was making 32x64 pushable/pullable objects. So many people have asked how to do it,but, video tutorial always starts with the bookcase or whatever already in the graphic window and never tells how to get or create those kinds of images. So, after about 20 minutes...
  14. dnel57

    Gimp objects not lining up with default image on map.

    The sheet is 3x4 96 x 256px There is a setting in Gimp when you configure the 32 x 32 grid size. It is called offset. I never touched it. Don't know if that could have something to do with it. Thanks for answering.
  15. dnel57

    Gimp objects not lining up with default image on map.

    In Gimp, I cropped a two tile pillar from the tileset. It measures 32 x 64. I then made a block 96 x 256 and added the images to it. I added $ to the file name and imported it to my Resource Characters. The pillar works perfectly as far as pushing it from all sides. When I place the event for it...
  16. dnel57

    Cutscene not initiating

    At the beginning of my game, there is a cutscene. The Player's Transparency is ON. When the game starts, the Player is supposed to Turn right, then Transparency Off, and then, begin a Move Route. At the end of the move route, he will meet an NPC and a conversation will ensue. When I start the...
  17. dnel57

    How to Change Actor's Graphic without changing anything else.

    This is how to change the appearance(disguise?) of an Actor in your party in a way that you will not lose your level, equip, gold or anything else because you are only changing the graphics. It is done through an event. You don't need to change your equipment for this unless, you want to...
  18. dnel57

    Equipping the dual wield slot

    In your editor, get that Actor's page on the screen. In the right hand column, under "Features", double click a line. go to the Equip Tab and click Slot type. Select Dual Wield. Then, click on the next line below that and Select Weapon tab. Select Equip Weapon. Choose what you want your 2nd...
  19. dnel57

    Enemy Skill Effect

    Thank you, Andar. Works fine, now.

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