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  1. Cute Fox Productions

    Doors/transfer issue on PS5

    Thank you, I tried these but they still wouldn't work. Was hoping to use the console since I'm on that more than pc... maybe it's just a terrible version of the rpg maker and I should just stick to pc. I didn't know this website was for pc only, I assumed it would be OK to ask about console...
  2. Cute Fox Productions

    Doors/transfer issue on PS5

    I'm sorry I didn't know that...
  3. Cute Fox Productions

    Doors/transfer issue on PS5

    Link to video I recorded the issue that I am experiencing when it comes to creating transfers or doors events in my game. I did them both manually and using the quick event creator but neither are seemingly letting my character move from one map to another. Any and all help would be greatly...
  4. Cute Fox Productions

    RPG maker MV emotions faces set from Palxan and Verdibona

    I was hoping you'd have more expressions for the old woman NPC :( Will you be adding her eventually?
  5. Cute Fox Productions

    How do you use the Gene tool?

    Thank you so much! This really helps me thank you :)
  6. Cute Fox Productions

    How do you use the Gene tool?

    I have it set up and ready to use in MV. Just don't know how to use it
  7. Cute Fox Productions

    How do you use the Gene tool?

    I'm trying to create some cut scenes but have no idea what I'm doing. How do you use the tool? Any and all help would be most appreciated. Thank you
  8. Cute Fox Productions

    whtdragon's animals and running horses- now with more dragons!

    I love these, they look amazing! Just wondering would you be making more doggy breeds?
  9. Cute Fox Productions

    Looking for ransacked tilesets, please.

    Thank you, would you happen to have links to them? I can't find them ;_;
  10. Cute Fox Productions

    Looking for ransacked tilesets, please.

    Resource Type: Indoor tiles sets A (maybe), B & C Maker Format: MV Art Style: as close to vanilla tilesets as possible please Description: I'm creating a game where I need rooms to look as though they had been ransacked. broken furniture, upturn baskets, apples scattered in bundles or...
  11. Cute Fox Productions

    Cute Fox Productions Tile sets

    Edited !flames for more variety and will probably edit more and post them here for everyone to use :) Credit: Please Credit Kadokawa Non-Commercial: Free Commercial: Free Repost: Please no Edits: Allowed but please tell me if you do Repost of Edits: Please link back to me Maker Required...
  12. Cute Fox Productions

    Terrax Lighting system

    Is there a video demonstration of how to work these plugins? Edit: never mind I found this video and it helped me a lot :)
  13. Cute Fox Productions

    Orange Time System

    I love this plugin as well... wonder if it'll come back
  14. Cute Fox Productions

    Horror/Mystery Resources

    I'm getting the same thing as ^^^
  15. Cute Fox Productions

    DBDragoner's Edits 12/05

    Crown doesn't seem to go on the characters face picture in the character generator....
  16. Cute Fox Productions

    Hitzuki Key's Doodads-list! (New: Indrah's Nature & Dungeon Doodads!)

    These are amazing! Gorgeous and very well made
  17. Cute Fox Productions

    Cyanides Edits

    The tilesets are gorgeous!
  18. Cute Fox Productions

    hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    I made my comment before seeing this :)  thank you... currently working with this very program

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