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  1. Friendship-Romance System (FRS)

    Looks like u are using the first version (1.0 ?) In the newest version there is no "=" at line 959. Try downloading the newest version.
  2. Friendship-Romance System (FRS)

    Got it to work(had unexpected ; @ line 735 Changed: const actor = (actorId > 0) ? $ || $gameParty.leader(); to: const actor = (actorId > 0) ? $ : $gameParty.leader(); also removed line 1587 to get rid of the Menu(Using the VS menu...

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Okay, that is the last from me for a while, back to stupid work. Eugh!
I made a new little movie for my game, but I'm pretty sure it doesn't fit the family friendly rules here. :LZSgrin: I put it up on my youtube channel though.

Main theme for a Start/Continue/Options screen after Title card
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