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  1. Help with encrypting plugins

    Of course. I'd just like it to be a little bit harder than two seconds of opening up notepad, you know?
  2. Help with encrypting plugins

    It's just ridiculous to leave exposed js code like that. Anyone could just throw in a little line of code, $gameParty.gainGold(999999), and they've "hacked" the game. Wowzers.
  3. Help with encrypting plugins

    I'm just about ready to distribute my game, but I just noticed RM doesn't do anything to its js files. People can literally just modify the game however they want in a "deployed" version of a game by modifying those files.. I've been browsing around the past forum post and have seen lots of...
  4. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Is there somewhere in the scripts that makes regular map sprites pan along with the _display coordinates? My personally added sprites all stay static relative to the screen, but I want them to stay attached to particular map coordinates. I'm about to manually move them whenever the...
  5. Hudell's OrangeCustomEvents - Memory leak? with cloned events

    Yeah, I did already think of trying to minimize the growth of the map's event array. I make it eventually start reusing event IDs (when reasonable). Unfortunately, it seems to run into the same eventual performance issues as when the array growth is left unchecked, though. So it should be...
  6. Hudell's OrangeCustomEvents - Memory leak? with cloned events

    The script has been fantastic for the most part, but after a few thousand duplications/deletions, my game always begins to severely lag. It seems like the custom events are still being held somewhere, and eventually clog the system. I've even created a new project with only my stress testing...
  7. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    Thanks. And it's likely that the battle commands window has a function that defines its max columns as 1. If you change that to a number larger than 1, and reduce the max rows to 1(?), it should start functioning properly immediately. Then the problem is it won't be displaying properly, so...
  8. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    1. I used to have a bookmark of a Google Doc that had script call equivalents of every Event Command. Does someone have that doc on them? Because it'd possibly give me the information I'd need to figure out my actual question on my own. 2. Specifically, right now I need it to figure out how to...
  9. Window.contents transparency

    delete me
  10. Help whit "YEP. Attachable Augments" !!!

    You won't have attachable augments available for use if you don't create them with proper notetags. I think you also have to allow instanced items.
  11. JavaScript questions that don't deserve their own thread

    I'd like to add my own parameters, but I don't know if I should add them ontop of the existing parameter array, or if I should create a new one. Does anyone happen to know off the top of their head if any default scripts perform loops on actor parameters under the assumption it's always the...
  12. Numbers Rollout

    Create another variable to keep track of "displayed hp". In your functions that draw the text/bars, make it compare the "real hp" vs "displayed hp". When there's a discrepancy between the two, increment "displayed hp" towards the "real hp", then draw the new "displayed hp". Now it'll just...
  13. Scene_Map and sprites

    Currently, I'm creating sprites and adding them through "this.addChild(some_sprite)" inside of a Scene_Map function. Of course, they're existing above everything else in the game. Does someone understand the children structure that RM uses for its maps? I'd like to insert my own sprites...
  14. Easier way to transition between message windows?

    Good job getting it to work. lol For the emote issue, one solution is that you could check for only the faceName and get rid of both lines related to the index. Normally you'd check the index as well, because there can be multiple characters in a single faceset file. This means you'll have...
  15. Analysis Paralysis on Equipment Upgrades

    I'm conflicted on how I should design my equipment upgrading system. The player feeds materials to a weapon (a limited number of times?), and then applies enchants to a weapon using those fed materials (a limited number of times?). Because of the way I, and many others, play games, I know...
  16. Is Xbox One pad can be compatible to MV?

    It works fine with MV.
  17. Specific Battle Members

    If you weren't using Yanfly's Party plugin, then this is all done before you use the Change Party Member: Add ____. But because you are using Yanfly's Party plugin, then you need to modify the plugin. The idea remains the same, though. Whenever a monster is added from the "overall party"...
  18. Stargate

    Most of your graphics can be generic scifi and fantasy assets. The only thing you'd have to create yourself is probably a literal Stargate.
  19. Pixel movement Plugin Pros and Cons

    You already said the main con, but more generally, anything that has to be reduced to map coordinates will have unexpected behavior. In general, I'd use pixel movement. But if your game's reliant on the things that cause issue with pixel movement, then just get rid of pixel movement. It's...
  20. Specific Battle Members

    Well, how are you adding new party members?

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