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  1. RustyHinge

    Looking for Temple Tiles

    Wow, thank you so much! Exactly what I was looking for!
  2. RustyHinge

    Looking for Temple Tiles

    Hi everyone, I was looking around for some sort of temple tileset for MV. Besides the elemental ones, that is! I found two nice examples, but I can't find the actual resources, so I'm unsure if they were ever made available online. I'm specifically hoping to find a nice outside set. A church...
  3. RustyHinge

    Cory's Gallery Updated 4/5/21

    LOVE these tiles!!! Every time I get a notification that this thread has been updated, I get so excited haha.
  4. RustyHinge

    Any Must-Have DLC?

    Oh, I see it! Thank you so much, I'll be sure to use that in the future!
  5. RustyHinge

    Any Must-Have DLC?

    Thanks for the recommendations! I took a quick look, and the First Seed DLC is quite charming! I also appreciate the name drops, I'm so new that there are so many folks I'm scared of missing out on! Thanks again :)
  6. RustyHinge

    Any Must-Have DLC?

    Thanks so much, I really like hearing everyone's opinions! I see what you mean about the DS ones. I'll definitely be sure to research and figure out what I like! Thank you again!
  7. RustyHinge

    Any Must-Have DLC?

    Thank you so much! :D
  8. RustyHinge

    Any Must-Have DLC?

    I'm honestly open to both! So far, I've been sticking to a similar style :)
  9. RustyHinge

    RMMV My Casual Adventure

    This looks really interesting! I like the idea of having to read the dialogue- my best friend always skips over dialogue and lore, it drives me crazy! I also love that you can be a girl or boy. It's a little thing, but I always appreciate having the choice! It looks like you are doing an awesome...
  10. RustyHinge

    Hello there!

  11. RustyHinge


    It really was! :)
  12. RustyHinge

    Is The 3rd Time The Charm?

    Welcome back!
  13. RustyHinge

    DLC Generator files

    Sounds like a plan then! Thanks so much for your assistance, I really appreciate it!
  14. RustyHinge

    DLC Generator files

    That helps a lot, actually! It seems most of the files have been installed in this way! The only one that I will need to figure out is the Trinity DLC, it appears to be something you have to do manually, for some reason!
  15. RustyHinge


    Welcome! I'm a huge fan of Mad Father myself! Have you played The Witch's House too? I'm looking forward to seeing your updates!
  16. RustyHinge

    DLC Generator files

    Hi everyone, I have a quick (and possibly dumb) question! I purchased DLC for RPG Maker MV, but I can't figure out how to install the DLC to my program. I *think* I have the right file locations, but I don't want to mess anything up! If anyone could point me in the right direction to a guide or...
  17. RustyHinge

    Tutorial-Blog Getting Emotional: Making Your Own Emotionsets

    Ohhh, this is great! The process seems so much less scary now! Thanks!
  18. RustyHinge

    VHS VENTURES: Art, Music, Etc.

    Wow, outstanding! Absolutely love the palettes you are using, too!
  19. RustyHinge

    DollyT's Artwork and Comic

    Awesome stuff! Keep up the great work!
  20. RustyHinge

    What music puts you in a mood - and which do you prefer?

    I'm super eclectic with my music taste, I'm pretty much open to anything! But I do have some favourites :)

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