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  1. hiddenone's MV Resource Warehouse

    I installed and copied to my generator folder like usual. but for some reason these parts make my characters face icon invisible and nothing changes on the SV sprites???? have i done something wrong???
  2. Looking for a certain plug-in...

    Ooooh didnt see that haha thank you :)
  3. Looking for a certain plug-in...

    none i just, tested with an event to add party members, then on the formation screen they where all there.
  4. Looking for a certain plug-in...

    Ill try explain what i mean lol. I added people to the party and on the formation part in the menu all 8 chars were there. Obviously i could change them around but i want it so in certain areas or maps,, whatever top 4 party i entered with can not be changed,
  5. Looking for a certain plug-in...

    Sorry I thought it may have been right haha my bad.
  6. Looking for a certain plug-in...

    Sorry if this is in the wrong place, but I am looking for a plugin which will limit my party to 4 in certain maps or regions. Im planning a game with lots of playable characters but only want some to be used at a time. If any confusion please let me know and ill try to explain it better :p ty...

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