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  1. My game.exe and node.dll is being flagged as a virus

    Thanks, I uploaded my game to steam and itchio and I haven't got any reports. I guess that solves the issue, thanks again!
  2. My game.exe and node.dll is being flagged as a virus

    Aparently Malwarebytes and Windows defender are flagging those files as malware. Is there something that can be done? I heard is pretty common on RPGmaker, but if it keeps happening I asume is something out of my control? Is it worth reahing them to whitelist my files? And if I make an upgrade...
  3. Remove Skill Grey Bar in Battle?

    I'm trying to make some Skills to trigger in the "background", however, even if I don't use any name, the grey bar shows indicating the skill triggered, it kinda ruins the point of it being hidden and the grey line appearing in a flickering manner if several skills are triggered can be...
  4. State Resist by percentage

    Nevermind, Im dumb. I did add the passive from resisting in the class category, so it makes sense that even at 100% it stills misses. You said is multiplicative correct? so if my char has 50% passive, and then equips the ring wtih 100%, rather than make it 100% it just stays at 50%, and to make...
  5. State Resist by percentage

    Well, things got weirder now. I genuinely don't understand it. So, to make a test I did the following. - I changed the enemy Poison to Magical Attack and not Certain Hit. - Then changed the State Rate on the ring from 50%(like in the image below) to 100%(just to test). So I "should" be...
  6. State Resist by percentage

    Hello Is there a way to make an Armor or Buff that protects Poison, Blind, etc. by a percentage? I just realized that State Rate is only for applying it, which would explain why my character always gets poisoned no matter what. I noticed the State Resist category but it has no % to be set. Is...
  7. Flat Minimum Damage?

    Yes, that worked, Thanks a lot!
  8. Flat Minimum Damage?

    Hello, I've been trying to make some attacks to do Minimal damage, however, it seems the damage formula saves negative damage, so even if I have a formula like this (a.atk - b.def)+10 it wont work. I did several tests Hero has 50 attack, Enemy has 100 defense. (a.atk - b.def)+10 = 0 damage...
  9. Actor follows Event with a click?

    It doesn't seem to work x_x
  10. Actor follows Event with a click?

    Thank you, I tried the plugin. While it works what you said, I think I must be doing something wrong, since the player follows the event permanently, I cannot cancel the order or move even after completing. And another issue is that monsters enter battle in contact, and if the battle is in the...
  11. Actor follows Event with a click?

    I'm making my project based on mouse controls. However, I noticed that clicking an event in movement (monsters in this case) the Actor doesn't follow the event and just goes to the location I clicked. Is there a way to make the actor follow an event in movement? The battles happens when the...
  12. Remove the double click using the mouse?

    I wasn't familiar with those terms until I searched. I'm using the Steam version so I just let the software update itself, I don't update anything manually. I'm not sure how to use the console to check the version I'm using. EDIT: Ok I think I managed to see the version. It says 0.29.4.
  13. Remove the double click using the mouse?

    Thanks for replying, I'm unsure what you mean with "print". I'm using the 1.6.2 version, I replaced the code you shared and it still doesn't work. In my main project I use several plugins, mostly Yanfly plugins (I mention this so is known plugins function normally in my project), however, this...
  14. Remove the double click using the mouse?

    Unfortunately it doesn't seem to work. I tried it with in an empty project with no plugins to discard any conflict and it does nothing. I asume the plugin is outdated or no longer compatible with the new versions of the RPGmaker MV
  15. Remove the double click using the mouse?

    Hello Is there a way to change the mouse behavior when using the mouse? Whenever I try to use the mouse on menus it's always Highlight > Select. It's kind of awkward and feels weird. Normally I would expect a single click to select the option, but it highlights instead, forcing to do double...
  16. Yanfly Event Click Trigger Glitch?

    Thanks for the answer. I'm using that plugin, however, the white square is simply replaced by the new sprite, and now the sprite is the one that flickers. And having no sprite at all is not an option since I'm designing the game based on mouse controls.
  17. Yanfly Event Click Trigger Glitch?

    Hello, I encountered a problem when using this plugin and I wonder if anyone knwos how to fix it. I'm using the Event Click Trigger plugin made by Yanfly to click events from far away. I'm using this plugin to make buttons. However, whenever the event has a "Wait" command in any shape or form or...
  18. Searching for a specific command

    I see, so characters could retain skills even if they are changed in the database later, correct? So the character having thunder from a past class could be why it happened? But despite of that though, I think I never used that save slot, I checked the date in which the save was created and it...
  19. Searching for a specific command

    I don't think so, since it's registered in the second save slot and I didn't used it until recently... I'm pretty sure all assets such like actors, experience and all stats are updated even in old saves right? What you say seems to be the only explanation despite of me being sure I didn't use...
  20. Searching for a specific command

    Thank you, I'll give it a shot. Also, I forgot to mention, there is no class with Thunder at all, there was one before but I removed it long ago, and I honestly don't remember ever making a command to remove such skills, I can't seem to reproduce the bug.... So I'm very puzzled about what...

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