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  1. Logan C.

    Galv's Message Busts

    After MV's 1.3 update, i receiving errors: That happens right after a bust changes on another one,
  2. Logan C.

    Quasi Audio

    That one is great. An option to disable 3D sound could be handy though. I mean with no distribution to the left or right speaker.
  3. Logan C.

    MBS - Sound Emittance

    Could you make an option to disable 3D sound? Like just a usual looping stereo or mono sound changing his volume depending of distance, but with no distribution to the left or right speaker?
  4. Logan C.

    Notifications System 1.3 + Add-on

    Sorry, can you correct me? I'm trying to add an icon, calling this script command: this.newNotif('\i[10] Hello'); Text is there but no icon.
  5. Logan C.

    Notifications System 1.3 + Add-on

    I get an error the moment i take an item: "LeUtilites is not defined"
  6. Logan C.

    VE - Battle Motions

    That's great, now i can set up animations for battlers and use the Throwing plugin. It was an issue for Yanfly Action Sequence.
  7. Logan C.

    Talk To Follower

    I was actually looking for something like that! Too bad that it's just for one party member tho'.
  8. Logan C.

    Equip items

    Clever. Thank you.
  9. Logan C.

    Equip items

    I looking for a plugin (or a way) which allows to equip certain items. Say we have no weapon, but we have and an artifact - an iron statue, for example, that we need to use later in the game. But, it's heavy and, if you like, you can use it as a weapon instead. Or maybe equip something else...
  10. Logan C.

    Kaus Ultimate Overlay v1.11 NEW: Added Sprite Fixes Snippet Plugin

    UPD: I think i found what's causing this. The "System" string stopped filling, when i removed "Parallax Background Image" from "Map Properties". I actually need those sometimes. Help?
  11. Logan C.

    Kaus Ultimate Overlay v1.11 NEW: Added Sprite Fixes Snippet Plugin

    But now, the "System" string in the Task Manager fills like crazy: After i tried to move back and forth between two parallaxed maps (1248x1728, 1248x960 px) about 20 times, i got 1,2 Gb into my RAM. Is it something i need to worry about?
  12. Logan C.

    Mirroring player side in sideview battle

    He may ignore any of those. You can try his ******* page. But it costs. And your request can be denied.
  13. Logan C.

    Mirroring player side in sideview battle

    It's been a while, but I remember Yanfly said that he had plans to add this feature into his Battle Plugins. If he'll do that - it will be the best-case scenario, because, as he said, for now, his awesome Action Sequence features is impossible to use if enemies and characters will switch their...
  14. Logan C.

    Galv's Timed Message Popups

    Thank you a lot, Galv! :rock-left: :D Working flawlessly!
  15. Logan C.


    The plugin has familiar limitation - i can't specify an actor for the messages bubbles. If i switched a characters due formation set up, the messages still appears strict to the party members order, and i'm losing the one for whom the message calling was intended. Also it has this bug:
  16. Logan C.

    Galv's Timed Message Popups

    Working great, but I can't specify an actor. The messages appears strict to ascending order, no matter if I changed the group formation.
  17. Logan C.

    Galv's Timed Message Popups

    Can you add a feature to call messages above party members too?
  18. Logan C.

    N.A.S.T.Y. Text Pop Over Events

    Hello! I got a problem, it looks like the plugin can't show the text above upper layers of parallax. (I'm using Ace chibis in MV project, if the image is confusing) Can i somehow put the text higher?

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