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  1. Multiply variable by a range

    Ohh! I undestood! You're great. Thank you so much.
  2. Multiply variable by a range

    It works! Thanks! However, as I have to repeat this process with other values, I would like to understand the math behind that formula. I mean, what should I do if I want to change the values? Why 151?
  3. Multiply variable by a range

    Hello! I' m trying to multiply a variable by a number between x and y with a scrpt. Let's say x = 50 and y = 200. I tried with this one: $gameParty.gainGold($gameVariables.value(52) * >= 50 && <= 200); but is not working. Any ideas?
  4. Script to change the amount of money

    Hello, fellow RPG Makers I'm looking for a script which allow me to change an undetermined amount of money per number set on a variable. For example, if certain variable is set to 5, I want the player to lose 50 of gold 5 times, that is to say, 250 of gold altogether. Is there any script with...

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