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  1. Nohmaan

    Store isn't working

    Thanks, I'll try it again tomorrow if I don't hear back on the forum.
  2. Nohmaan

    Store isn't working

    Hey there, I've got 10 items in my cart to take advantage of the Winter Sale and the checkout button is not working. Any ideas? FYI it doesn't work in Chromium Edge or Google Chrome Google Chrome Version 87.0.4280.88 (x64) Chromium Edge Version 87.0.664.66 (x64)
  3. Nohmaan

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    Oh, sure I can make that work. Is there documentation somewhere with the game object variables? I looked at the MZ API but it doesn't include game objects like this.
  4. Nohmaan

    VisuStella Sample Project & MZ Core Plugins

    In the damage formulas, how would one go about using a different formula when the attack targets multiple enemies? For example, a magic attack that targets all enemies and distributes the damage among them evenly.
  5. Nohmaan

    Face Set of DL pack

    I would assume the standard EULA applies. You can't share the assets in whole or in part, and you are free to edit the assets however you can not share those edits outside of your game.
  6. Nohmaan

    MV Trinity Resource Pack Generator not compatible with MZ

    And again, the character sprites are doable but if you want to use the face sets they won't match the MZ style as the head sizes are different and it's easily noticed. And it can't be mixed with other MZ assets without doing photoshopping. If you own MV, the majority of this pack you already...
  7. Nohmaan

    MV Trinity Resource Pack Generator not compatible with MZ

    I can certainly do that, but at that point I should just use MV (which I own 3 copies from purchasing on the store, included in some HumbleBundle pack, and the MZ preorder bonus) to generate the character rather than swap them in and out. But the parts can't be used with the sideview, faces, or...
  8. Nohmaan

    How many heroes do you use?

    My rule of thumb is: Highest Number (Max Number of Active Party Members * 2) Lowest Number (Max Number of Active Party Members * 2) - 2 where Max Number of Active Party Members > 3 This means you can split into 2 parties and you don't have just one guy no one uses hanging out the whole...
  9. Nohmaan

    Status Effects And How To Make Them (More Engaging)

    I have spells/skills that inflict the basics (poison, para, slow, etc.) and then compound "micro status effects" that have a lesser percent success rate on each spell/skill attack that set up combos or damage chains. For example, when casting the Ice spell there's a 30% chance to inflict Freeze...
  10. Nohmaan

    MV Trinity Resource Pack Generator not compatible with MZ

    There are visual issues with the generator parts using in MZ-- they don't seem to have been actually udpated and are just copied from MV (which I already have if I wanted incompatible parts...) Here the feet are mismatched. Down sprites do not work. Arms where arms aren't supposed to be...
  11. Nohmaan

    Is MZ not ideal for NES-style RPGs?

    Effekseer is just a particle engine, you can still use it to make NES styled graphics with sprites that are pixelated or pixels themselves. I am pretty certain you can use effekseer to show static images with no delta x,y,z to show images in order as well (not nearly as easy to use as sprite...
  12. Nohmaan

    Does MZ use Javascript or Java?

    Also note, Javascript is an interpreted language and does not need to be compiled like Java. Java is also a strongly typed language which means variables require a type at declaration (though it may support var now, in C# you can use generic declarations though they are a specific strong type).
  13. Nohmaan

    Eliminating XP. Character growth by item and equipment ONLY

    You can play D&D that way, where the DM awards levels on Milestones rather than XP. OP: Sounds basically like Item level which MMORPGs basically use now. I tend to associate item level with lack of content personally, where you have to grind the same content over and over for higher level...
  14. Nohmaan

    The Dos and Don'ts of non-linear paths and story-altering choices

    Just play Mass Effect 3 and take notes. And then do the exact opposite of those notes and you'll be good.
  15. Nohmaan

    How to approach the execution of Fake Ending

    I HATE fake deaths. Something more meaningful was something like finding out Auron and Tidus were already dead. I say, don't fake it. Be bold, kill a character, make us feel something and have some actual feeling of consequence.
  16. Nohmaan

    How large is considered to be "Too large" when it comes to numbers?

    I say 9999 is max. Why? Consider damage as a value from 0% to 100% with 2 decimal places of precision. When you hit for 120 damage you are doing 1.2% of the maximum possible damage. When you hit for 5000 you hit for 50.00% the maximum damage. It's simple and makes sense. And, within the...
  17. Nohmaan

    What makes a good JRPG combat system?

    I think FFX is a great example of an engaging but simple battle system. The break skills (Armor break, MAgic break, etc.) give a lot of strategy to the order of attacks, the element system is simple and implemented well so each fighter falls into their roles well and monsters with high evasion...
  18. Nohmaan

    Great power comes with great headaches. How should i make a strategic magic system that *seemingly* punishes player?

    You could so something like this: Equip Fire feather, deal 2x damage vs Ice but take 1.5x damage from ice. Change Feather to Ice, deal 2x damage vs ice but take 1.5x damage from fire AND ice. So equipping the feather penalizes you less in damage up front but swapping means that you don't lose...
  19. Nohmaan

    Music Technical Info

    Second this, I write music but it's hard to match the style if you don't have an idea of the voicings used. Even though, honestly the MZ music is a bit of a letdown.

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