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  1. RMMV Gladatora V. Alpha - Update 9-19-23

    Hi, I think I've played through most of contents. It's quite addictive and maps are very well done, I've logged over 40 hours in the save. :LZSyum: Here are some other bugs I've encountered. (some quests I've trouble triggering so won't be able to test the contents there) Forty's quest In...
  2. RPG cliches your tired of.

    Some cliche that I don't like. - You fought a boss, but after you beat him in the next cut scene your party loses anyway - Similar to the prior, you try to get to the important Macguffin from the quest, but after you finish 1st quest, the quest giver tells you to go to the 2nd quest giver, and...
  3. What should be avoided in order to have a game with good performance

    Screen size and plugins would also affect performance and hardware requirement. For example, just by installing Yanfly core update 1.6.1 plugin to the dragonbone demonstration mv demo would make the gpu usage raise by 15%~20% if using a 3060m laptop.
  4. RMMV Gladatora V. Alpha - Update 9-19-23

    Just learned about this project last week, had been playing whole weekend after downloading the alpha and had fun. I think I've encountered some errors. There are a missing .png encountered doing main quest. When going to the southeast Roman camp, the game would be missing two pngs. (one is...
  5. Battle High Speed Mode Plugin

    Tried the 2.0 and it's very nice, runs smoothly with battle animations intact. It has a minor graphical glitches if used with yanfly battle engine. The character would run double distance to protect others if speed is turned 2x faster, triple the distance if set at 3x speed. This can be...
  6. Random encounter or visible sprites for battle?

    Enemy sprites on map! The only thing I dislike about Octopath traveler 2 was it had random encounters (and at quite a high rate even with skills that reduce chance of encounter). I dislike visual encounters when enemies are placed in very narrow corridors or have extreme fast running speed...
  7. Remove dead party in combat with buffstate, need a way to save actor id as variable

    //When state wears off, remove summoned actor <Custom Remove Effect> $ $gameParty.removeActor(8) <Custom Remove Effect> This is a state from the link that targets the caster (the example that shows item scope: user), it adds the summon and when state is...
  8. Remove dead party in combat with buffstate, need a way to save actor id as variable As a line in common event, unless giving the temporary state to party would slow down game performance, change state: entire party function is much more convenient than add states separately.
  9. Remove dead party in combat with buffstate, need a way to save actor id as variable

    I've checked on forum, never see target.actorId() is used. I'll write this down. Thank you for the hint. The only way I've found to remove an actor when killed through scripting is using $gameParty.removeActor along with custom timing effect, which requires the actor ID. I've read the...
  10. Remove dead party in combat with buffstate, need a way to save actor id as variable

    Thank you for the answer, the formula does remove summons now. I did a quick test and added a requirement to the first line like this if (user.isStateAffected(223) && user.hp < 1) { The game seems to remove actors right away without them doing anything once switches to their turn. Then I...
  11. Remove dead party in combat with buffstate, need a way to save actor id as variable

    Hi, is there a way to save a battler's actor id to variable so they are removed either when the state wears off or are removed when knocked out? I've tried several variations but cannot seem to save the actor id as variables example: (state 223 is a passive state all summon gets) <Custom...
  12. Torigoya_BalloonInBattle (Balloon message in side-view battle)

    Is there a script, plugin command or note tag that I need to put in for the display time addon? When a character gets killed, the balloon fades too fast so I tried to change the display time, but simply activating the addon plugin in a new project then changing the 2500 to a larger number...
  13. Change SV Enemy Attack Direction.

    If you use yanfly battle engine, side view enemies move forward while attacking is determined by this. Sprite_Battler.prototype.stepForward = function() { this.startMove(Yanfly.Param.BECStepDist, 0, 12); }; Modifying the 12 to 0 or negative would make the enemy stop moving, Maybe use...
  14. [FROG] Talent Core - A D&D like Skill system and/or character building system!

    I've my old question solved, forgot to put " " around the abbr.. but now got another question. Is there a way to save checking talent results aka talent scores to a variable when using java script? from readme.txt Get the current Talent Ranks for an actor. [abbr] is the Talent Abbreviation...
  15. Are Chibi Style MV Sprites Looked Down On?

    Few years ago I've seen it as separate files, now it's contained in the download file as bundle. I don't really use the engine, only look at the character creation generation tools and drool, so don't know how it was earlier. :guffaw: There is also a RPG maker character/tile convert to wolf...
  16. RMMV DreamX_BattlerSpriteIcons problems, hovering over a new icon get error showing previous state

    Please lock this thread. --It seems the plugins have other compatibility issues with yanfly buff state core(which is needed for the plugin to work). While the icons above enemy can be hidden, the icons when choosing an enemy target would still show state icons. There, it works normally until...
  17. Are Chibi Style MV Sprites Looked Down On?

    I like chibi but don't like mv's chibi's, prefer wolf engine editor type of chibi. That style resembles gameboy pokemon characters with more directions I think. Tried to find a character generator of similar style for mv but cannot find one.
  18. RMMV MV script calls crashes if trying to restore party

    Now the script's working like intended, thank you.
  19. RMMV MV script calls crashes if trying to restore party

    I've tried and it either crashes or the variable ends up as 0 when asked. If simply copying the example the script page has then add ) to make that line look like setvalue(1), it would crash with the same error. If I remove the ); in the end , it no longer crashes but when asked in text...
  20. RMMV MV script calls crashes if trying to restore party

    It crashes at the step saving variable.

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