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  1. vala411

    RMMZ Fishing plug-in [in progress]

    Greetings all. This is my first time trying to code a plug-in so any advice is greatly appreciated. I might have gotten a bit stuck. The javascript that I have so far can be read here: Vala_Fishing.js It is basically supposed to be a Fishing mini-game where you can catch fish of different...
  2. vala411

    Chicken sprites needed

    Thank you all. These are exactly what I needed. :)
  3. vala411

    Chicken sprites needed

    Good evening all, Needed: Cute chicken or rooster sprites and SV battlers. I can make do with the sprites if there are no SV battlers. Style: RPG maker MZ Reason: it's a subquest (called Poultry in Motion) involving feeding a fluffy chicken some sugar and having it go berserk. (which may or may...
  4. vala411

    Looking for Mimics

    Thank you very much for these links. They definitely helped!!
  5. vala411

    Looking for Mimics

    Resource Type: Characters, Battlers Maker Format: MZ Makers I Own: XP, MV, MZ Description: Large and small Mimic chests with the option to either hop, move or wiggle (a bit) Info: This is for an optional quest where the player has the choice between clearing a dungeon the traditional way or...
  6. vala411

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    OMG I need these. You just gave me an idea for a funny quest that involves a wheat field and a talking frog.... TIME TO GO PLOTTING!!!
  7. vala411

    Alraune sprite needed

    Thank you. I'll check these out. The corpse flower looks interesting :) These look so cute and yeah. That blushing is good too. Sad she won't be able to hide but I can tailor my script around these emotions. Thanks a lot :)
  8. vala411

    Alraune sprite needed

    Hello all. I'm working on a game that requires an Alraune character for a side quest. Resource Type: Characters, Battlers Maker Format: MZ Makers I Own: XP, MV, MZ Description: The Alraune is a female with the lower body of a flower. For this quest the emotions she expresses change the color...
  9. vala411

    Avery's experimental XP to MZ Conversions - default and original

    Love this set Avery. I'll be trying it out this weekend on a new map I'm building.
  10. vala411

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    Absolutely love your work!!! These are all super awesome!
  11. vala411

    Game & Map Screenshots 12

    The first map I'm comfortable sharing from my project (aka. a map that actually makes some sense). Newer versions might be coming once I get the hang of this program. Got to thank @Avery @ATT_Turan and @Andar for pointing me in the right direction on the Ruin tilesets.
  12. vala411

    Looking for Ruin tilesets

    OMG yes thank you! Thank all of you. These help a lot.
  13. vala411

    Looking for Ruin tilesets

    Hello everyone. I hope someone can help me. I'm looking for tilesets that have ruins in them, specifically columns and archways either crumbling, overgrown, or both. I'm creating a forest level that has several ruined structures scattered around. I have both the MV and MZ licenses but am unsure...
  14. vala411

    Avy's MZ Stuff

    Avery thank you very much. I love your work. As a suggestion maybe an expansion on the mythology sprites? Your mermaid is so cute. Maybe a merman to accompany her :)
  15. vala411

    Candacis' Resources for MZ

    Thank you. This link was very helpful. I'm also new to MZ and was quite lost with all these resources >__<

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