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  1. isaias20

    RMMV mog variable hud - error - RPG Maker MV

    Could someone help me with this? For some reason the hud fill is cleared when I load game and is restored when I open a menu and close it again, there must be something in the java code that causes this.
  2. isaias20

    RMMV mog variable hud - error - RPG Maker MV

    hello. I am using Mog Variable Hud plugin in my project. (On RPG Maker MV) The plugin has a very particular bug. The huds associated with variables are shown and hidden on the screen normally, there is no problem with that. The problem is that when you load a previously saved game, HUDs...
  3. isaias20

    Hide mouse cursor when idle

    Hello, I just tried the new version and it works perfect! I don't have to place the mouse in any corner. Anywhere on the screen is hidden. Thank you!
  4. isaias20

    Hide mouse cursor when idle

    the mouse is always visible, (custom cursor), no matter where it is on the screen. Here is the project:
  5. isaias20

    Hide mouse cursor when idle

    Hello, how are things? I just tried it even in a new project, I only have those two scripts and it doesn't work for me, the cursor stays on the screen even after more than 3 seconds elapsed. My custom cursor is in the " \img\cursors " folder. any solution? thank you. It seems your plugin...
  6. isaias20

    Hide mouse cursor when idle

    Hello how are you, I was testing this plugin and it works very well but I try to use it with another plugin called "TDDP Mouse System Ex" and it doesn't work. If I use a custom cursor (an image or icon for example) the cursor is not hidden after 3000 milliseconds. Is there a possibility to...
  7. isaias20

    Enemies don't appear in game data.

    Sorry if it may seem like a silly question, i am new in rpg maker mv. I want to assign enemy health points from database to a variable but these enemies don't appear as such, instead they all appear with a question mark (as if there were no enemies) It's very strange because in the "enemies"...
  8. isaias20

    Theo - Limited Inventory (for MV)

    I don't want the player to get items if the inventory is full. How do I check that the player has the inventory full? which plugin command should I use for that? I don't want to use the "force gain" option, please help.
  9. isaias20

    RMMV disable always run player movement

    I want to disable the option so that the player can always run. Does anyone know how to hide to disable this option? Thank you.
  10. isaias20

    RMMV Switched Buttons Xbox 360 / One - Problem

    RPG Maker Mv recognizes generic and xbox 360 / one gamepad without any plugin, remember. I am not using any plugin.
  11. isaias20

    RMMV Switched Buttons Xbox 360 / One - Problem

    Hello everyone. I want to play my project with xbox 360 / One controller. I have one but when I connect it the action button is Y. Shouldn't the action button be A button? Are the buttons swapped? How do I go about solving this problem? Thanks.
  12. isaias20

    clicking an event while in front of it - MV

    it worked, you're a genius, thank you very much!
  13. isaias20

    clicking an event while in front of it - MV

    the tag click_activate! allows you to trigger events with the mouse from any distance from the player to the event. I don't want that, I want the player to have to be in front of the event to trigger it with the mouse. If I remove the click_activate! tag, the plugin does not allow to interact...
  14. isaias20

    clicking an event while in front of it - MV

    my project has code (what i found in this forum) to disable pathfinding until the event you click, but the bad thing about this code is that it also disables mouse interaction with these events. Game_Temp.prototype.setDestination = function(x, y) { if ($gameSwitches.value(1)) { return }...
  15. isaias20

    RTBS - Real Time Battle System

    Hello, I just setting everything you said and when I start the game I get this error: any solution?
  16. isaias20

    clicking an event while in front of it - MV

    clicking an event while in front of it hello. i am using this plugin "Mouse System Ex" to use mouse in my project. the tag click_activate! allows to trigger an event by clicking on it no matter how far away the player is. If I remove the tag, I can't trigger the event with mouse if player in...
  17. isaias20

    Map Inventory MZ + MV (visual grid inventory) [Update 2.0]

    I have a question. If I try to buy items (in any store), when I have a full inventory (all cells occupied), the item is not seen (because there are no available cells) but, I notice that, once I unlock new cells, the new item is there. Is there a way to prevent the player from buying new items...
  18. isaias20

    RMMV mouse position issue

    works perfect, thank you very much!
  19. isaias20

    RMMV mouse position issue

    works perfect, thanks. Now I am trying to move an event with mouse by placing these options on page 2 in parallel processing. But the event passes through other events and walls. Is there a way to move the event so that it collides with the other events? I don't want it through the wall...

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