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  1. EmeraldSpecter

    Doctor Who Resources for MV

    Any update on this game? No rush, just asking.
  2. EmeraldSpecter

    Is there generator parts for...

    I'm looking for generator parts that fit the following things (hoping they exist): Roman Centurion Armor (both male/female) Aztec Jaguar and/or Eagle Warrior Armor (both M/F) Egyptian-esq Warrior Armor (both M/F) Chinese Armor (both M/F) Viking Furs/Armor (yep, both M/F) I tried poking around...
  3. EmeraldSpecter

    I see "RTP" everywhere... What is RTP?

    That dilutes the meaning of run time package and, for those who aren’t “hip to the lingo,” leaves many confused as to the exact meaning of what is meant. While tileset can be part of the run time package, referring to it as the RTP would be an error. There’s milk in a milkshake, milk is not a...
  4. EmeraldSpecter

    I see "RTP" everywhere... What is RTP?

    Yeah, but a tileset (for example) isn't a "run time package." And now I know why I'm so confused. :)
  5. EmeraldSpecter

    I see "RTP" everywhere... What is RTP?

    That was my assumption... but the context for some of the RTP references do not mix with the use of the initials. That is my confusion. I'll have to screen cap the next reference I see and post it.
  6. EmeraldSpecter

    I see "RTP" everywhere... What is RTP?

    People on the board are using RTP in ways that I don't understand the meaning of and I finally have to ask the question.
  7. EmeraldSpecter

    How did you obtain your username? What was your very first on the internet?

    I own after ditching my old, so I just started going by EmeraldSpecter as a result. Nothing fancy. I'm 45, so I've got a list of handles I've gone by too long to list... a highlight of some of the better ones are Snake Eyes, King of Cats, and Admiral.
  8. EmeraldSpecter

    FF: Sphere Grid vs License Board

    I normally only hear people trashing the Sphere Grid. I didn't get to experience much with the License Board, but I understand the principles... I'm even considering using a plugin for a License Board in a RPG Maker game.
  9. EmeraldSpecter

    FF: Sphere Grid vs License Board

    Functionally, the Sphere Grid and the License Board serve the exact same purpose (a visually interactive way to replace a leveling system and a sort of skill tree system combined). However, the Sphere Grid gets mad hate and the License Board does not. Why? Discuss! I like the Sphere Grid...
  10. EmeraldSpecter

    RMMV Character Portrait Behind Speech Window

    YES! It wasn't exactly this plugin, but yes! Busts... busts... I can't believe I was having such an issue with this. I will definitely look at that... and it's FREE! Yes... You both rock! Thank you!
  11. EmeraldSpecter

    RMMV Character Portrait Behind Speech Window

    I wasn't quite sure how to phrase this and I did try looking for it but I don't think I'm using the right terminology because I'm finding zilch on the forums. I am looking for the plugin that allows for a portrait (or picture) of the Actor (or character) talking to appear behind the speech...
  12. EmeraldSpecter

    RMMV Inventory Restricted to Specific Actors

    Is there something out there that keeps inventory collected assigned to specific actors (which can be reassigned in the menu, but must belong to someone rather than just “being available”)?
  13. EmeraldSpecter

    MV3D - 3D rendering for RMMV with Babylon.js

    This is a really long thread so I haven't gone through all the pages to see if this has been asked already... apologies if it has. I haven't used this plugin, yet, but I'm interested. I use MV and have eyeballed using this in a project but wanted to know if anyone has used a lighting plugin...
  14. EmeraldSpecter

    What is your "ideal" amount of party members in a standard RPG?

    In battles I loves me some 4 to 6 party members... for total characters, I like collecting as many as possible, but I can understand that there might be some people out there that see a need for a limit. So, if I'm thinking about it, there should be as many characters as is necessary to tell...
  15. EmeraldSpecter

    Sprites Without Limits

    Your English is great... and I think I understand that I need to make sure that I just need to fit whatever size I'm using into the pattern of the PinkNet patterns you attached. The single character sheet is like the walking sheet from the character generator and the full sheet is more the...
  16. EmeraldSpecter

    Sprites Without Limits

    When you say "3x4", does that mean like "96x128" would be an individual sprite size? Or "48x64"? I'm just getting my sizing correct here before I get moving forward.
  17. EmeraldSpecter

    Sprites Without Limits

    Hmmm... I might have to really dig into this... there is a lot of stuff going on in that tutorial and I'm guessing you aren't native English from the screen caps, either... which is fine.
  18. EmeraldSpecter

    Sprites Without Limits

    This is what I need. Excellent. @Dopan you rock.
  19. EmeraldSpecter

    Sprites Without Limits

    The title sounds like a cause we need to hold a concert for... Sprites Without Limits, headlined by Aerosmith, Paul McCartney, and Bruno Mars. Anyway... I've seen a few games lately that have sprites that do not appear (at least to me) to be bigger than the standard 48x48 (taller, not...

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