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  1. The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Hello, I have some problems with the Battle AI script, I don't know if it's me who's doing it wrong, but my characters in automatic mode absolutely don't take into account my notetags... For instance : <All AI Conditions> Target Has State 4 </All AI Conditions> <All AI Conditions> HP% < 0.2...
  2. How to implement every possible Yanfly Tips & Tricks effect in MZ with VisuStella plugins

    Yes sorry I edited my original message through an external host I use the visustella OTB system Is it possible that a bad interaction is causing this problem?
  3. How to implement every possible Yanfly Tips & Tricks effect in MZ with VisuStella plugins

    I can't import my screenshots with the "insert image" function... "Oops! We ran into some problems." I had indeed forgotten to create a "Jump Target Redirect" state. Now the enemies are no longer affected by the "Jump" state but my character still does not want to complete his attack and remains...
  4. How to implement every possible Yanfly Tips & Tricks effect in MZ with VisuStella plugins

    The "Jump" spell doesn't seem to work for me, my character stays stuck in the air and never falls... (After 2 turns he can act again but does not come back) And the target is affected by the jump state, that doesn't seem normal to me x)
  5. TAA_EnemyReinforcements - v1.2.1

    hello, first of all thank you for your work on this plugin which has been useful to me for years. Right now I'm trying to port my game to MZ and there seems to be a problem (maybe compatibility between scripts): everything works perfectly fine, unless I try to select a command other than...
  6. The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Thank you for your quick reply ! I will try it ! PS : Sorry for "all allies except the user" I thought it was not working but I did not see well ...
  7. Project FOSSIL (v1.0): Use MV plugins in MZ! 300+ plugins Fossilized!

    I don't know if this is my fault or bad interaction with other plugins but the "SRD_SkillExtender" seems to be having some trouble. The "extender" function works but the name of the extended skills is not displayed ... Edit: I tried with just the fossil and skill extender plugins in an empty...
  8. The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Many thanks ! I reread each page of this thread 10 times to find the solution without success ^^ " If anyone has a little time I also have problems reproducing this effect: <Custom Turn End Effect> if ( == 0) {user.removeState (16)}; </ Custom Turn End Effect> I also have a few...
  9. The official VisuStella notetag help thread

    Hi ! As a total noob in JS I desperately try to port some Yanfly Tips and Tricks to MZ. Can you help me with this one? : "Cleric Stance" For the state, and for the skill : Thank you very much !

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