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  1. CronicaL

    RMMZ Galv's CFStepSEMZ

    first sentence of my post it says "Using Galv's step sound plugin. I know it is dependent on the Character Frames plug in. Which I am using also." pretty straight forward... but if u need links to help u then ill post links next time.
  2. CronicaL

    RMMZ Galv's CFStepSEMZ

    Hey guys, Using Galv's step sound plugin. I know it is dependent on the Character Frames plug in. Which I am using also. In the plug in's Notes it says: "If you include the following text inside an event's note field: <step_se> Then the event will play step sound effects when...
  3. CronicaL

    RMMZ Galv's Map Travel Plugin

    ah, thank you again. I matched the animated frames to what was in the demo and it fixed it right up. However, there is only examples for loc_tent which is 1 animated frame. then loc_mansion which is 3 animated frames. But for loc_town I've tried 0-3 animated frames and it never works right...
  4. CronicaL

    RMMZ Galv's Map Travel Plugin

    Thank you! You're 100% correct, once I read your comment and I thought about it and there was another event effecting that variable. Galv, while I got you, on the fast travel map the town picture is only showing the top half and the tent location picture is running through the tent images...
  5. CronicaL

    RMMZ Galv's Map Travel Plugin

    Im using galv's map travel plug in and have it working for the most part. So here is my issue. The player will discover a fast travel location and it works until another fast travel location is discovered. Once another location is discovered, it wont transfer the player to the desired map...

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