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  1. LTN Games | Free & Premium Plugins | In Dev: Illuminate (Lighting System)

    Anyone know how to add the windowskin opacity from the Timeline Plugin to 0 ? i tried: Window_Base.prototype.updateBackOpacity = function() { this.backOpacity = 0; }; It works, but i see the white Border from the default Window Skin =/
  2. LTN Games | Free & Premium Plugins | In Dev: Illuminate (Lighting System)

    Hey LTN Games, first off, you have very nice Plugins there :D I have a Question about the Time System Plugin. Is it possible, to add an option, to hide the Window Skin ? Because, i dont like the Window Skin.., i just want to add a Picture Hud, behind your Plugin ^^. And maybe you can add a...
  3. Player-Profile Plugin

  4. Player-Profile Plugin

  5. Player-Profile Plugin

    @Tsukihime: The Second Map isn't created. The Screenshot was just ah fast example of how it looks for me ^^ By clearing some Points, the plugin dont need a party member switch system. This Plugin just need to show something like a form of Account. Only to Show Actor 1 (i use them...
  6. Player-Profile Plugin

    @Tsukihime: Yeah, because i can easily change the style or layouts for this. That's the only Reason, why i use maps instead of a Window Scene based layout. My Javascript knowledge is at zero..
  7. Player-Profile Plugin

    @Tsukihime: Yes i can: First MAP without clicking on the Avatar. Second MAP with clicked Avatar: The Screens are only for Show, because the Colors doesn't Match right ^^' Is it possible to do something with js ?
  8. Player-Profile Plugin

    @Tsukihime: Hello Tsuki. I look something like on my sample Picture. I guess i have all features for it at the top. Would be nice :)
  9. Player-Profile Plugin

  10. Player-Profile Plugin

    2nd Bump
  11. Player-Profile Plugin

  12. Player-Profile Plugin

    Hello Community. Is it possible to do ah Profile Plugin ? Like in Moba Games (Leauge of Legends, Heroes of the Storm) ? Basically to use it for Actor 1. Which means, if you teleport on the Map, the Profile Actor isn't in the Menu and don't be a playable Character in Battles. It...
  13. Ultimate Stat Distribution Script Updated 1.2

    @Frozen_Phoenix: Hey ^^ Sorry for the long reply. It works now. Maybe it was ah problem with the changed screen width. It's working Perfect now. Thank you for this amazing Plugin !
  14. Image/Picture Positioning Utility

    Omg.. you are a God !! :O Thank you for this lifesaver..!! I can rest in piece now :rock-left:
  15. Silvers Advanced Minimap (now with Fog of War!)

    Thanks for your time to reply. It's Okay for offline Games. Just wanted to know whats the error can be. I also make ah offline Game, so it's no problem for me. Still Thanks for this amazing Plugin you do it ! And sorry for my bad Englisch =/
  16. Ultimate Stat Distribution Script Updated 1.2

    @Frozen_Phoenix: Hey Frozen, it's been awhile. Well i got ah new thing to recreate something on your Plugin. The Names and stats and Parameters.. can you make an option to set the Alignment of it ? Because if you got ah charactername with something about 8 Words.. the Name gets...
  17. Silvers Advanced Minimap (now with Fog of War!)

    @SilverDash: Hello Silver, first off, thank you very much for this awesome Plugin. But i get an error Code, if i try to start it with the index.html in my browser. I am using all Yanlfy Plugins + Orange HUD and Timesystem, i turned off the Orange Plugins but still get the Error Message...
  18. Ultimate Stat Distribution Script Updated 1.2

    Nice Plugin Update. You need to edit your Start Post, because there is still the old Description. Another Idea, i know the parameter limit overwrites the Yanfly Parameter Limits. Thats ok, but another Question, is it possible to do the limit without the Weapon ? Example: Strenght...
  19. Ultimate Stat Distribution Script Updated 1.2

    Hey Dude. First of all, it's ah very nice Plugin. Are you still updating it ? 1. Problem: Because i get some erros from the script call: $gameActors[id].gainStats(amount) 2. Question: Can you make it, that i can see all members from the party or switch party members with the...
  20. MBS - Map Zoom

    I dont know what are you Guys have. Play around with the Plugin Order to fix the Vertical/Horizontal Lines. I have no bugs with this Plugin o.o

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