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  1. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    Thank you very much for over 60 downloads of Recidivia V.1.5 over on Chapter 2 is well underway in development. In Chapter 2, Onyx and Syl finally reach Arstar. Here's a preview of the small town.
  2. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    ******OCTOBER 1, 2022****** Recidivia: Versions 1.5 available now It's a been a few months since our last update! We've been working quietly in the shadows on Recidivia. We've made big updates the chapter 1 prototype and released the game as VERSION 1.5. Download for Version 1.5 is available...
  3. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    Magic Healing Circles Caves, forests, and fields can be a long hike. And the monsters that roam them pose a serious threat. Fortunately, Syl can make use of any Magic Circle he finds to heal his comrades. It's always good to have a Cleric by your side.
  4. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    Why Become A Cleric? When you become a Cleric, you turn your back to a life of freedom. You dedicate your entire existence to worshiping the Goddess for the sake of mankind.
  5. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    Screenshot Saturday Angel Grace! The Goddess' blessing on mankind.
  6. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Large Choices

    Hopefully this would work with Yanfly show picture choices!
  7. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    Screenshot Saturday What did Onyx do? Or what did Syl do?
  8. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    The Simple Life What’s the best way to set the mood? A sweet sound! We’re so excited to share an original song from the Recidivia Soundtrack. A calm, soothing, relaxing melody. We call it “The Simple Life.” Thank you to Augusto Mazzoli for creating this beautiful song! We look forward to more.
  9. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    Screen Shot Saturday! When you make all the right calls but you need a lighter tough.
  10. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    Thanks, Mushi for checking out the prototype! I'm glad you enjoyed it!
  11. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    Thanks for checking out the Early Prototype! Thanks for you review. Great points that you detailed!
  12. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    First Demo Prototype! We've been doing a lot of work on RECIDIVIA. Along the way, we have made changes to the overall vision for the game. We decided to share with the community free demo of the first prototype. The Prototype doesn't feature everything planned for the game. Think of this...
  13. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    !!UPDATE!! New First Look into Recidivia! Take a glimpse of the vision of Recidivia.
  14. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    Thank you very much!!!!
  15. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Recidivia V.1.6

    Welcome to RECIDIVIA! RECIDIVIA is an old school inspired 2D RPG game for Windows and Mac. RECIDIVIA tells the stories of a Temple Guard's desperate attempt to repent for actions he believes to be fault of his own. What stands his way, his the truth behind what he's repenting for. FOLLOW THE...
  16. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Skip Movie With Button

    I've done tons and tons of searching through forums and google and I can't seem to answer anything. I have a couple of movies being used in my game and they all play just great. However, I definitely would love to have certain videos skippable by pressing a button when allowed. Is there any...
  17. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMZ Message Box Repositioning

    Hey everyone! I'm currently using a completely unique custom made message window that requires the text to appear in a specific position for the words to fit in the message box. I was able to do this with in MV by first setting the message window box to transparent and then using Yanfly's...
  18. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMVXA [DEMO] Tale Of Vassya: A New Day - Massive Adventure RPG with 2 Stories

    I think is definitely one of the best demo's I've play in 2020! I'm really looking forward to a full release of this!
  19. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMV Pixacrea - Creature Collecting Game

    I love the pixel art! Kind of reminds me of the Legend of Zelda 2D days.
  20. 1ManArmEStudios

    RMMV Swords and Savagery [Open World RPG]

    This is looks pretty cool! And i'm really happy to see Rpg Maker XP Still being used! Can't wait for a demo.

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