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  1. Failivrin

    Your All Time Favorite Indie Game

    I love "art games" like Samorost and Hohokum. Games almost entirely built around wonder and curiosity, where you're thrown into wacky, beautiful worlds with no real objective but to poke things and see what happens.
  2. Failivrin

    Ranking Every Final Fantasy I remember playing (AKA: Touchfuzzy Chooses Violence)

    I've never heard anyone put both X-2 and XIV above, like, everything else. Different strokes for different folks, I guess. I'd put IV at the top, hands down.
  3. Failivrin

    Front View Battles

    Some of the Shin Megami Tensei games use front view. I think it works best on a small screen--the old handheld systems or today's smart phones.
  4. Failivrin

    emotional attachment to your party (monster raising RPG)

    I'm not sure what your random egg system entails. I guess it would be fun to buy a mystery egg at a shop or get one as a quest reward, but I wouldn't handle all eggs like that. Legend of Mana had some interesting monster raising stuff, which was unfortunately downplayed by everything else in...
  5. Failivrin

    Why aren't there more Collectathon RPGs?

    Lavish artwork, fluid controls, and unique movement abilities are also important features of collectathon games, which is why they tend to be platformers. If the theme is exploration, simply moving around the map should provide a thrill. It's really difficult to achieve this with a classic RPG...
  6. Failivrin

    FREE access to my writing workshop!

    @Shaz That's partly because I don't have a good microphone/recording space, so I have to speak very slowly and clearly or it generates a lot of noise. But I've found this is also helpful for teaching non-native English speakers. What we consider normal English tends to be fast and slurred and...
  7. Failivrin

    FREE access to my writing workshop!

    @Trihan if your wife supports you as a game maker, I guess I can consider her an honorary member of the community, haha. Sure, you can share it.
  8. Failivrin

    FREE access to my writing workshop!

    Hi everyone! It's been a while since my last post. Besides chatting about game development generally, I like to help game makers write better stories. (I also have this old thread of text resources
  9. Failivrin

    How long have you been working on your game?

    Too long... At least I thought so until reading this thread! Glad I'm not alone in the struggle to finish. Got MV late in 2017 and havent released a game yet. Actually, I've got at least 60% of the current project (after abandoning at least two), but I've been soooooo busy this year. Making time...
  10. Failivrin

    Town exploration incentives. No ransacking NPC homes.

    You could just set the game in Arabia...
  11. Failivrin

    RMMV Need Ideas - Representing Info in a Tower-Climb Game

    You could also represent the tower as a vertical gauge that slowly fills up.
  12. Failivrin

    Audio Design in Our Games

    Good comments. I would add a very simple suggestion. The old FF games would sometimes start the music or sound to set the scene before play begins. Basically, you transition to a black screen, the music changes, and after a few seconds, the scene slowly fades in. In cases where a boss had its...
  13. Failivrin

    RMMV Thought Experiment: Fighting Against a "Chosen One"

    Trying to think of examples and the best I've got is FF Tactics: War of the Lions. Ramza (PC) is the real hero but he's destined for obscurity. The game finale takes place in an isolated dungeon and no one even knows that Ramza saves the world. His best friend Delita (NPC) is more of a classic...
  14. Failivrin

    RMVXA A Kingdom Hearts/Pagemaster type game

    Well, you didn't wait very long for replies ;) I think it's interesting. I considered a similar idea, partly as a way to compensate for the variety of tilesets available. With existing resources, it's easy to design sets for classics like Alice in Wonderland, Treasure Island/Peter Pan, Dracula...
  15. Failivrin

    Fetch Quests and how would you spice it up?

    It's that "come back" part that makes me hate most fetch quests. The player should always be moving upward and onward. I also get annoyed by quests with unexpected surprises. Basically, when I accept a quest to catch a chicken for a farmer, I'm choosing to devote a short time to something not...
  16. Failivrin

    Can an enemy that deals no damage be interesting?

    @Wavelength mentioned enemies who do nothing but can OHKO if you don't take them out quickly. The tonberries in Final Fantasy are a good example, and they became a franchise classic--so this concept is definitely not boring to players. I'm also thinking about a boss in Gravity Rush that would...
  17. Failivrin

    RMMV Alien Holiday

    Very unique premise for an RPG. Looks like fun!
  18. Failivrin

    Plugin Maker thread : what's your plan for RM MZ?

    Not a plugin maker, but my suggestion would be to cover basic features first. Personally, I would like a menu editor, and I would like that menu editor to include an option to change screen resolution. Also I'd be interested in touch controls for mobile, assuming MZ doesn't make improvements on...
  19. Failivrin

    RPG Maker MZ, Preview #2: Graphics, Mapping, Eventing!

    First, THANK YOU whoever made the decision not to change the 48x48 tiles so I can finish my half-finished MV project in MZ. But do I want to...? It may be too early to get information about this, but have they made any improvements regarding the ease or functionality of mobile deployment? Are...
  20. Failivrin

    How do you implement a newspaper system in your world?

    Crisis Core had a system in which the player gets text message alerts, and the messages can be read in the menu. The main problem was that although the messages were nothing but filler, you had to check them or the stupid mail icon would stay on your screen indefinitely. Otherwise I haven't...

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