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  1. Corygon

    The untold rules of RPG Making?

    Here's some advice: Just because it's a trope that has been used numerous times, doesn't make it bad to have in your project. Sometimes, some tropes are popular for a reason. Or something like that.
  2. Corygon

    Need help with creating more gimmicks for a boss.

    Perhaps a variable could help with that. I think?
  3. Corygon

    Should Water and Ice be different elements?

    I'd say that they should. In my opinion, it wouldn't make sense to use Ice-based magic on fiery enemies, or something like that.
  4. Corygon

    "Metal Slime"/"Abra" Type Enemies that flee

    From a developer's POV, sometimes you just want to cause chaos. And those kinds of enemies can provide the chaos needed for a good laugh. Or something like that.
  5. Corygon

    Another dumb question: How to prevent shop keepers & selected NPCs from getting attacked?

    I think what they meant is when the NPC/Shopkeeper joins the player party temporary, correct?
  6. Corygon

    What comes to mind when you think of these classes?

    By abilities, do you mean like, which class should learn something like Fireball or something like that?
  7. Corygon

    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    Well, I guess I haven't done too bad with my game so far. Of course, I haven't gone that far into my game yet, but you know... I'll probably go into detail regarding some of what I did or didn't mark on the Bingo sheet later, if you like.
  8. Corygon

    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    Is there a blank sheet? Because I think I would like to give it a try.
  9. Corygon

    Steam Deck, Stadia, Luna & The Future of Porting titles for RPG Maker

    So, I guess the whole Unity thing that I put on this thread is probably outdated now, since RPG Maker UNITE is a thing now.
  10. Corygon

    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    I'm surprised that no one has made a meme for this on the thread yet.
  11. Corygon

    How to implement every possible Yanfly Tips & Tricks effect in MZ with VisuStella plugins

    I tested out the Toxic state on a player character by using a test item, and it worked as intended on my end.
  12. Corygon

    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    So basically, it's like making a contract with Kyuubey, correct?
  13. Corygon

    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    I got you. Enjoy!
  14. Corygon

    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    Hello, game makers! Here's a fresh meme to start off the new year (and yes, this did just happened to me):
  15. Corygon

    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

  16. Corygon

    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    Guess who has discovered a meme generator? Anyhow, here's a meme for you guys:
  17. Corygon

    The RPG Maker Meme Thread

    The prophecy has been fulfilled.
  18. Corygon

    do skills with a chance for an effect encourage save scumming?

    I feel that some RNG is necessary to make the battles in RPGs more interesting, as long as they're done right. After all, if every skill does the same result every time, then players would just spam the most powerful skills throughout the entire game. It's why, in Pokemon, players would tend to...
  19. Corygon

    Steam Deck, Stadia, Luna & The Future of Porting titles for RPG Maker

    To be honest, if you're going to resort to using Unity in such a matter, it might actually be more beneficial (and legal) to just remake the whole project with Unity anyways. While the RTP cannot be used with any engine that isn't RPG Maker, anyone who is dedicated to their project enough to...
  20. Corygon

    [SOLVED] Divide damage among enemies present

    So, correct me if I'm wrong, but this might be the damage formula: "100 / $gameTroop.members().length" Correct?

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