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  1. Crazetex

    What the MZ RTP is missing!

    just want to give a huge thank you, it's always exciting when i'm tooling around in mz wondering if something got added here and then lo and behold, it has! i still primarily use ace for my "real" projects (whatever that means) but love messing around with the mz rtp, so genuinely thank you for...
  2. Crazetex

    Disable an ability when another team member is paralized/dead

    Try using Yanfly's Skill Restrictions. This should check to see if Erik is alive, for example: <restrict eval> $game_party.alive_members.include?(1) </restrict eval>
  3. Crazetex

    Items with special effects

    can you screenshot the item's database page and the script you have this in?
  4. Crazetex

    Items with special effects

    You'll have to use a case branch. when /TROLL ITEM/i outcomes = [1, 2, 3, 4] # these are now just placeholders. # you could also use strings if you like ("hpgen", "death", etc.) case outcomes.sample when 1 target.hp += (target.mhp / 2).to_i # this would recover 50% HP. the "to_i" forces it...
  5. Crazetex

    Items with special effects

    The numbers are the IDs of the states in the database. For example, state 1 is Death. State 2 is Poison, by default (if I recall correctly; I don't have Ace open this second). Basically, it's the little number on the leftmost side of the database page.
  6. Crazetex

    [VXA] Transfer State?

    Hey! If you're up to using Yanfly Lunatic Objects, I have some similar script snippets you're more than welcome to steal. They're virtually identical to the above, but will give you more space/granularity than the damage field. when /MUTUALISM/i gas_buffs = []; tar_buffs = []...
  7. Crazetex

    Items with special effects

    Hey! 1) Try using Yanfly's Lunatic Objects. Plug in that and any of the add-ons you wish, then we'll make a new when branch within one of the add-ons. It might look a little messy, but it works just fine for little...
  8. Crazetex

    Make a state cost MP, and lose it if MP hit 0.

    Hey, then you'll need to take a look at Yanfly's Lunatic State script to see what other triggers you can use (you'll probably want to make a new <while effect: string> tag for the status effect. Then, it's as simple as -- when /TRANSFORM MP/i -= n # replace n with the mp value you...
  9. Crazetex

    Animations for multiple-hit skills

    # RAASTA: Repeat Attakcs Always Show Their Animation # By Craze. Credit Craze/Stephen Bachinski somewhere small :) class Scene_Battle < Scene_Base # overwrite: use_item def use_item item = @subject.current_action.item @log_window.display_use_item(@subject, item)...
  10. Crazetex

    Make a state cost MP, and lose it if MP hit 0.

    Hey, try using Lunatic States by Yanfly. Put in any of the add-on plugins you wish, then within those modules add one more "when" branch into one of the add-ons. It's a bit messy but it works, as you can see here: Set...
  11. Crazetex

    RPG Maker FES Resource Pack

    Indrah, it's overall the same tiles. There are some better swamp tiles, and it's missing the same stuff that came in DS+ (like volcano tiles). There are a few new little doodads for castles and such. Some stuff that's obviously in the FES trailers is bizarrely missing though, like world map...
  12. Crazetex

    RPG Maker FES Resource Pack

    Got it off the website. Where are the world map autotiles? Also, having to make my own chest events seems bizarre. Why are chests/switches part of the dungeon tilesets? =/ Still, the enemies and portraits are fantastic. My only issue with this pack is the utterly bizarre setup of the tilesets.
  13. Crazetex

    RMVXA [GOTY 2017] Game Night

    Update 11/10: A last-minute addition to the IGMC version bugged out bombs and offensive scrolls. I'm very sorry. Herbs, Potions, and the Ataraxia scroll are okay. Did you notice that like half the entries in this contest are just drawings of anime breasts? lol contain yourselves pls anyway...
  14. Crazetex

    Rules Welcome to the 2017 INDIE GAME MAKER CONTEST!

    Just to triple-check, demos are okay, right? I searched the thread and the answer seems "yes" but paranoia! I might be able to finish it but if Saturday comes around and stuff is looking iffy, I want to know if I'm able to cut it off 3/5 of the way. edit: was told it'd be okay.
  15. Crazetex

    8-Bit Perfect Collection

    Makes sense, but I had no idea since afaik it didn't say that anywhere (and the Steam price is $17 with no discount% shown, too).
  16. Crazetex

    8-Bit Perfect Collection

    Why did the price just jump up 4-5 dollars on the site?
  17. Crazetex

    Time Fantasy: Add-ons!

    Glad to see Ancient Dungeons and Time Fantasy continue to get updates. They both need MORE MORE MORE but hey, the creators are only human. I love deer, and those deer meet (meat?) my standards. Bought 'em both ~
  18. Crazetex

    Quintessence, Emotional, 50 Shades...

    FINALLY, an animation pack! Awesome! Hope we get more like the name suggests. I love how quick they are while still looking amazing. :)
  19. Crazetex

    RPG Maker MV 1.2.0 Update!

    Did you delete skill #1?
  20. Crazetex

    RPG Maker MV 1.2.0 Update!

    Dark mode looks great, and the editor no longer lags for me. Nice to see the resource manager too. Great job Nessy & co ~

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