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  1. Psykofreac

    RMMV Arcana Vendetta

    Characters/designs look pretty good, I'll keep an eye out for this.
  2. Psykofreac

    Tutorials and Introducing Mechanics

    How fast do you introduce mechanics do the player? How fast do you think it should be done? Do you start assuming that the player is completely new to RPGs, full of tutorials to guide them? With only limited abilities and effects for them to get used to before moving onto more? I think some...
  3. Psykofreac

    Most Creative RPG Skills

    I thought of a spell that's like a dimensional prison. Basically, it separates one unit from the battle for at least a whole turn. Of course you'll be able to prevent an opponent from acting this way but a more unorthodox use is to use it on your own unit to save them from an otherwise...
  4. Psykofreac

    Re:Zero Life in Another World Game.

    Nice, I'm glad to see someone making a fangame of Re:Zero. Not sure exactly how the gameplay would go but I hope Beatrice would be playable at some point, I like her.
  5. Psykofreac

    How to make good Boss stats?

    Yeah, I like my bosses with unique skills to stand out from normal enemies in addition to the whole being far stronger thing. Try to brainstorm some strategies and base boss fights around some really good ones and it usually turns out better than you think. As for tweaking their stats, test play...
  6. Psykofreac

    "Real Time" Stratagy

    Action battle systems should theoretically have no less strategic potential than turn based combat. From brainstorming, I find most of the strategic elements in turn based combat revolve around status effects so you should at least keep some of those. Stuns and poisons for sure but action combat...
  7. Psykofreac

    FREE REQUEST Project Pspell: Eternal Treasure(Working Title)

    Hello, me and a friend now managed to come up with a great story for an SRPG and would be interested if anyone wishes to join the team. A lot of it is still work in progress but I've come up with most of the plot so here's what I got so far: Story The main character and his brother go on...
  8. Psykofreac

    Choosing Only One Skill

    Oh so it's for an SRPG, that makes it a little better. Though I still prefer having more skills unless there's a story reason why it needs to be this way.
  9. Psykofreac

    Choosing Only One Skill

    Not really into the idea, I prefer winning by play rather than winning by prep. Of course, strategy is about decision making skills and it matters more when there are more choices. Pokemon is already limiting enough with only four moves. Also, more combination between abilities means more...
  10. Psykofreac

    October Goals & Progress Thread

    I think younger protagonists are more effective at getting empathy because everyone was a child at some stage, there's a reason anime and stuff do it a lot. But of course there's an age where it's too young to be realistic I take that into consideration, pick an age just young or old enough...
  11. Psykofreac

    I'll take an order of "save the world" with a side of "woo the girl" please

    I prefer relationship system that can sometimes lead to romance maybe just for some characters. That way you can focus more on the interaction and how the characters can react positively or negatively depending on their personality. On romance, I think a lot of games and even movies feel...
  12. Psykofreac

    October Goals & Progress Thread

    @Vox Novus Thanks, I think the mapping should make good battlefields for the game. I've seen scripts for SRPG with VX so it should theoretically possible, though the script I'm after is asking for a little more since I want a variety of abilities never before seen in SRPGs to be in my games...
  13. Psykofreac

    October Goals & Progress Thread

    I now have a solid plot for my SRPG. I've decided it will be a story about the main character and his brother going on a treasure hunting quest or at least that's how it starts out, the story does develop after that. The premise might have a lot of potential, I'm excited to work on it. Now I'll...
  14. Psykofreac

    How to start a game

    Depends on the game, sometimes you might like a thematic cutscene because it's fitting or you want to express the theme enough. My preference is to show off some interesting characters and gameplay early on, I think those help the players decide it's worth sticking around. More likely characters...
  15. Psykofreac

    RMMV Above & Below - Demo v1.3 Active!

    Beautiful mapping and yay for siren girl. I'm pretty interested in sirens so that's cool.
  16. Psykofreac

    October Goals & Progress Thread

    Hoping to make a short game that will be a stepping stone to an ambitious Strategy RPG project. First thing to do would be to try and get together a team so I can actually build the system for the project. I'm over at Project Recruitment by the way, it's about working on the ideal SRPG, maybe...
  17. Psykofreac

    Which Weapon goes best with which Element?

    Hello, I don't know if this is the right place to post this since this is more concept rather than gameplay mechanics, if there's a better section let me know. Anyway, I've been considering the kind of game where most characters are semi mage/warriors and each of them have unique elements and...
  18. Psykofreac

    WIP Strategy RPG Project

    Hello everyone, I'm interested in working on an SRPG and I'm hoping some people are also interested in collaborating. A whole lot of it is work in progress at the moment and I would like help on some of it, writing included. The game I'm currently recruiting for shouldn't be too long though, I'd...
  19. Psykofreac

    Discussion on Save Methods.

    I'd like to see a game that uses save points but if you lose in the middle of a dungeon, you can still continue but with a penalty. Maybe the loss will go on your record that will count for something later or something like that.
  20. Psykofreac

    What would you like to see in a tactics RPG?

    I believe the TRPG genre has a lot of potential that haven't yet been explored. The movement, range and locations add a new layer to combat after all. Basically, we can have dash attacks, knock backs, abilities that impede movement or AoE moves that specifically damages a target and their...

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