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  1. BubblegumPatty

    RPG Maker MV. Guidance with my first steps.

    I think first things first: Plan what you want the game to be... At the very least the basics, like narrative beats and mechanics you want to implement. It's A lot smother than flying by the seat of your pants (like me :rswt ). For additional practice I recommend following some user made...
  2. BubblegumPatty

    I need help

    Thing is Autorun doesn't just runs once. It runs as long as it's trigger conditions are met, so it will continue until the conditions are no longer met. This can be achieve by, at the end of the event, using a self switch or changing any of the switches/variables that made the autorun start to...
  3. BubblegumPatty

    RPG cliches your tired of.

    Oh my god this this this this I hate the hypocrisy of that so much! I have zero qualms with Forgiving Heroes who don't jump to murder as the solution to every baddie, but the instant they try that line I get so mad. Oh I have another Cliché I'm tired of: The Hero always uses a sword, usually a...
  4. BubblegumPatty

    @Ms Littlefish Right?! It's not like it's hard to put the purpose of the message right there...

    @Ms Littlefish Right?! It's not like it's hard to put the purpose of the message right there, or more icebreakers if it's really just to chat. :kaosigh:
  5. BubblegumPatty

    Worse is this time they got to me via a server specifically for selling art. The official means...

    Worse is this time they got to me via a server specifically for selling art. The official means to sell your art are literally right there!
  6. BubblegumPatty

    I think I'm just gonna block anyone who busts into my Discord DMs with only a "Hello". Still...

    I think I'm just gonna block anyone who busts into my Discord DMs with only a "Hello". Still miffed over someone trying to solicit me to buy their scam art that way. for the third time. :kaoangry:
  7. BubblegumPatty

    The untold rules of RPG Making?

    Since it's all a matter of taste, the RTP debates will never ever end. :rswt But on a related noted here's another rule: Don't assume Custom Graphics, custom Music, or a ton of plugins will magically make your game good. it's all about using your resources well, not how many you have.
  8. BubblegumPatty

    Does anyone here still play Skyrim frequently?

    I don't know about *frequently* but I have booted it up periodically to chip away at it, I want to beat the darn thing before I die... but I keep getting sidetracked by 200 new side quests or chores. Maybe I'll finally beat the main story line sometime before the heat death of the universe. :rswt
  9. BubblegumPatty

    Do any of you have some free plugins to help spice up my games?

    Even if game dev was Like Game Modding, I would hope you wouldn't just chuck any random Custom Content in just for the virtue of having it. That's how you break saves and make the game not boot anymore. :rswt I digress. Yeah you'll have to make your own quests with the Plugin, and only you...
  10. BubblegumPatty

    ! Need opinion

    I agree, It's best to make the game you want to make rather than to make a game that appeals to a random fistful of strangers. A lot of people like a lot of very different things and it's impossible to make a game everyone likes. :rhappy: Though I guess in a Phycological game context, I like...
  11. BubblegumPatty

    How to get paid while staying anonymous?

    On Terms: Yeah you can put any regulations and rules you want! Like if you're not comfortable drawing xyz, or wither you allow refunds or not and at what point, etc. But as many people said, there isn't a lot that can be done with just a name, and literally no one has much reason to go "hey...
  12. BubblegumPatty

    Action Indicators

    The player doesn't instinctually know what's just a useless decorative thing, and what is interactable, so it never hurts to have an indicatror. I think you're on the right track. Personally I would also add an indicator to the bookshelves/cabinets, and remove it when they check it as a small...
  13. BubblegumPatty

    Is there any way possible to have more than 5000 switches/variables (and be able to see them in the editor)?

    Yeah no that is a hard limit that is set by the editor. The only answer is to be more efficient/selective with what you use your variables/switch slots for, and if that fails to either trim the game a bit and/or split it into multiple installments. As Pawsplay said self switches would be a...
  14. BubblegumPatty

    Is writing dialogues a pleasure or a consuming task in your game development

    Dialogue, and creating characters is one the part of writing I actually fully enjoy. If I could make it interesting , I would absolutely have a story with just people talking to each other the entire time. "Streamlining" that part of the process sucks out a majority of the fun for me. At most...
  15. BubblegumPatty

    RMMZ How to use a self-insert protagonist

    What are your opinions on "self-insert" protagonists? Completely neutral. It's hard to have strong feelings about a character that barely exists as a character. What kinds of stories benefit or work with a "self insert" protagonist? RPGs that have high levels of roleplay and variability...
  16. BubblegumPatty

    How do I make characters scream silently?

    A exclamation point bubble (or maybe even a custom one with multiple "!!!" to show how alarmed the character is), Moving the sprite to react to whatever caused the scream, a screaming expression, All-Caps in the dialogue (Try not to abuse this, though. It's hell on readability.), and a sound...
  17. BubblegumPatty

    Possible "Dungeons" for a Game Set in Modern Times?

    It's perfectly okay to use buildings, you just need a reason to break in. Just like you need a reason for fantasy dungeons... You're not going to break into a Castle just cause it's there, you'll do it because it's owned by an evil monster/wizard/vampire/etc. But yeah is this a mundane modarn...
  18. BubblegumPatty

    Vampire sharks

    Nah nah, galric doesn't usually kill vamps, only hurt/repulse them. They'd have to stab it in the heart with a Coral stake.
  19. BubblegumPatty

    Vampire sharks

    Why not both? Human Vampires can eat animal blood too. :LZSwink:
  20. BubblegumPatty

    My old monitor died hardcore. Upside, the new one I got is SO BIIIIG. I CAN SEEEE ALLL.

    My old monitor died hardcore. Upside, the new one I got is SO BIIIIG. I CAN SEEEE ALLL.

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