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    Hey, this is really cool - good job!
  2. oToToToToTo

    Tactics System

    I love this plugin, it looks really good, keep up the good work!
  3. oToToToToTo

    YEP Battle A.I. Core for Actors with Auto-Battle flag Extension

    Question: is there any way to put the <AI Priority> tags on classes so different actors will do different things depending on their class?
  4. oToToToToTo

    Retro RPG Music Pack

    @m_m_beta this is excellent work. I'm impressed. I might use this in my game as making music is going to take a very long time if I try to do it myself. Thank you for sharing and allowing us to use these packs! Are some files missing or are those not for us? Would love to hear more of your work!
  5. oToToToToTo

    Change Class On Equip

    As the title suggests I'm looking for a way to change the actors class when they equip a weapon or item. As in: equip a sword to an actor: Class = Swordsman. It sounded really simple in theory, but I can't see any way to do it without eventing each actor + each class 30x.
  6. oToToToToTo

    Ogre Battle: MOTBQ Party System

    Yess, any aspects of the game would be great to have. There aren't any plugins in the entire RPG MV library that attempt it right now. Even if we could get multiple parties / set movement routes / auto-battles that weren't broken or no longer supported that would be amazing.
  7. oToToToToTo

    Ogre Battle: MOTBQ Party System

    I'm looking for something probably not possible in RPG Maker MV: Mouse based, set-destination, based movement. When you are controlling a party you click and you set them to auto move to this location, while freely panning around the map. Basically, RTS style movement. I was looking at using...
  8. oToToToToTo

    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    I've been having trouble with animation mirroring: how do you set up a state to mirror on actors (it uses text so it displays normally on enemies, but when used on actors its reversed and weird). <Custom Apply Effect> target.startAnimation(59); </Custom Apply Effect> <Custom Remove Effect>...
  9. oToToToToTo

    Playtest and Deployment Game Window Title Name

    Hello, I was wondering how do I change the window TITLE at the top (the browser window). Whenever I playtest it says "TEST GAME" because that was the old name of my game. Whenever I deploy the game to see if it changes after that, it puts it to "Project 5" which was the original name of my game...
  10. oToToToToTo

    Pre-made (Yanfly's) Action Sequence Sharing and Discussions

    <damage formula> value = a.atk * 2; if (target.isStateCategoryAffected(‘Mode’)){ value *= 5.0; target.removeStateCategoryAll(‘Mode’); target.startAnimation(230); } else { value *= 1; } </damage formula> Hey guys, I've been trying to make a skill that "busts" certain states in my game. I'm...
  11. oToToToToTo

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Yeah, single states I can remove easily enough. I can't figure out how to get the category removal + damage if removing a category vs not removing one.
  12. oToToToToTo

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    I'm sure that there is a simple reason this isn't working, but I'm trying to make a skill that removes a category of states and then deals extra damage if a state was removed, or normal damage if it wasn't. <damage formula> value = a.atk * 2; if (target.isStateCategoryAffected(‘Stance’)){...
  13. oToToToToTo

    Not Another Yanfly Plugin Thread

    Hmm, I tried this. Now it does damage when they don't have a MODE, but 0 when they do have a MODE (and it isn't removed either).
  14. oToToToToTo

    Not Another Yanfly Plugin Thread

    Sorry to do this, but I've got a few questions that don't merit clogging up more of Yanflys plugin page, and they aren't really requests either. I am trying to make a skill that removes a certain STATE category (using yanfly's STATE category plugin) here is how far I got: The skill is...
  15. oToToToToTo

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Just wanted to say thanks to Yanfly for all the hard work you do making these plugins - I was updating my plugin list (now like 200 strong) and realized that the majority of plugins I'm using aren't even my own they are mostly made by you, haha. Thanks again man. Hope you're doing alright!
  16. oToToToToTo

    Use in game help?

    Oh so I can reformat/edit the tiles to fit into the grid etc as well? I was mostly going to use Music/Icons because I wasn't sure about editing tilesets and such. I will write down the Engima Virtual Box thing down so I don't forget as I do plan on making a commercial game, and I won't be...
  17. oToToToToTo

    VX Ace DLC usage in MV ***

    VX Ace DLC usage in MV ***
  18. oToToToToTo

    Someone explain VX Ace usage in MV to me and I will be your friend and tell you that you are...

    Someone explain VX Ace usage in MV to me and I will be your friend and tell you that you are pretty and you smell good, thank you???
  19. oToToToToTo

    Use in game help?

    Okay, I own both MV and VX Ace, I have DLC bought in VX Ace, may I use assets and DLC bought/used in VX Ace in MV? Here is a quicklist of the DLC I have bought and yes I've attempted to read the licenses but none of them make any sense to me its all jargon and none of it is straight forward or...
  20. oToToToToTo

    [YEP] Yanfly Engine Plugins

    Hey guys, I'm having trouble with Yanfly's WEAPON UNLEASH and the EQUIP BATTLE SKILLS plugins. I'm using WEAPON UNLEASH to replace my attack with another skill. However when I turn on EBS, it resets it to the normal attack and not the WU. Even using the new EQUIP BATTLE SKILLS ALLOWED TYPES and...

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